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 Personal (Hardcover)
 The Broken Eye (Hardcover)
 The Long Way Home (Hardcover)
 Mean Streak (Hardcover)
 The Revenge of Seven (Hardcover)
 The Miniaturist (Hardcover)
 Heroes Are My Weakness (Hardcover)
 The Heist (Hardcover)
 Close to Home (Hardcover)
 The Lost Island (Hardcover)
 Minecraft (Hardcover)
 Big Little Lies (Hardcover)
 The Good Girl (Hardcover)
 Her Last Whisper (Hardcover)
 Love Letters (Hardcover)
 Etta Mae's Worst Bad-Luck Day (Hardcover)
 The Homecoming (Mass Market Paperback)
 Bittersweet (Hardcover)
 Act of War (Hardcover)
 One Kick (Hardcover)
 Severed Souls (Hardcover)
 The 6th Extinction (Hardcover)
 The Choir Director 2 (Hardcover)
 Cut and Thrust (Hardcover)
 My Drunk Kitchen (Hardcover)
 Adultery (Hardcover)
 Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage (Hardcover)
 A Perfect Life (Hardcover)
 My Conference Can Beat Your Conference (Hardcover)
 The Girls of August (Hardcover)
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 Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good (Hardcover)
 Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success (Hardcover)
 What I Know for Sure (Hardcover)
 Festive in Death (Hardcover)
 Neverhome (Hardcover)
 The King's Curse (Hardcover)
 The Children Act (Hardcover)
 The Roosevelts (Hardcover)
 Edge of Eternity (Hardcover)
 The Golem of Hollywood (Hardcover)
 The Infinite Sea (Hardcover)
 Guinness World Records 2015 (Hardcover)
 The Chew (Paperback)
 Raging Heat (Hardcover)
 Skink--No Surrender (Hardcover)
 A Sudden Light (Hardcover)
 Bones Never Lie (Hardcover)
 Killing Patton (Hardcover)
 Burn (Hardcover)
 Minecraft (Hardcover)
 Leaving Time (Hardcover)
 Gray Mountain (Hardcover)
 The Ice Dragon (Hardcover)
 The Slow Regard of Silent Things (Hardcover)
 Prince Lestat (Vampire Chronicles Series #11)  (Hardcover)
 Blood Magick (Paperback)
 Flesh and Blood (Hardcover)
 No Hero (Hardcover)
 The Escape (Hardcover)
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