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Account Help

How do I synchronize my accounts?
How to Create a New Account?
What is your Books-A-Million ID?

Using BAM Reader 2

Transferring eBooks
Merging a Books-A-Million ID with an Adobe ID
Managing Your eBook Purchases


Account Help

How do I synchronize my accounts?

  • Enter existing account
    • Enter your username and password for your existing account
    • If you want to import previous purchases from another reader:
      • Click on the Get Books Tab of the App
      • Click on Purchases
      • Then you should see all of the eBooks you have previously purchased using your account.
      • Click OK, which will take you to the Merge Accounts section of Adobe's site.
      • Under Select Vendor, choose Adobe ID as the vendor, not Booksamillion
      • Enter Your Existing Adobe ID and Password, and click Synchronize Accounts
      • Tap any title to import that title from your Download Library
        • You will be asked to re-enter your username and password, as well as your Adobe ID and Password.
        • First, choose Booksamillion from the Vendor dropdown list
        • Input your Username and Password
        • Then, choose Adobe ID from the Vendor dropdown list.
        • Input your Adobe ID Username and Password.
          • This is the same Adobe ID Username and Password that you used to read these titles.
        • Upon the successful completion of the download, you will not have to do this again.

How to Create a New Account?

If you do not already have a Books-A-Million Account, creating one is easy. Simply tap the Sign-in or Create a new BAM ID button and follow the steps to create your new Books-A-Million Account. Once your account is created you will be able to shop for new eBooks and download your purchases with BAM Reader 2.

What is your Books-A-Million ID?

Your Books-A-Million ID, is the same ID used to log in to the Books-A-Million website (

Using BAM Reader 2

Transferring eBooks to BAM Reader 2

Many applications such as Dropbox support the Android "Open In" feature which allows you to easily transfer your eBooks between your computers and devices.

In the case of Dropbox, first upload your PDF or ePub files to your Dropbox account. This is an easy process and Dropbox has free tools that enable this for all major computer platforms. You will also need the free Dropbox Android App which is available from the Android Marketplace. Once you have installed it you can sign-in to your Dropbox account where you should be able to see your files.

BAM Reader 2 also supports an Import feature which allows you to import eBooks from the SD Card of your Android device. You will need to first mount your SD Card in order to write files onto it. Once the card is mounted, transfer your eBook files to /sdcard/BAMReader/imports and then unmount your SD card. Tap the the "Import from SD Card" button on the app's Info Panel to add the eBook to your BAM Reader 2 Library.

If you are transferring books to BAM Reader 2 that were previously downloaded with the original BAM Reader for iOS or with another reader such as Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire Reader then those eBooks are now associated with the Adobe ID that was used to authorize them. Reading these eBooks in BAM Reader 2 is possible after merging your Adobe ID and BAM ID. See the Synchronize Accounts section.

If you need help beyond what you find here, you can reach a Customer Service Representative at [email protected].


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