Be Unpredictable, Be Real, Be Interesting. Tell a Good Story. - James Dashner, Author of "The Maze Runner"


 Killing Patton (Hardcover)
 Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good (Hardcover)
 The King's Curse (Hardcover)
 The Golem of Hollywood (Hardcover)
 Chasers of the Light (Hardcover)
 Bones Never Lie (Hardcover)
 Rose Gold (Hardcover)
 Fire Shut Up in My Bones (Hardcover)
 Juliet's Nurse (Hardcover)
 Bowie (Hardcover)
 The Broken Eye (Hardcover)
 Diary of a Mad Diva (Hardcover)
 The Eye of Heaven (Hardcover)
 The 6th Extinction (Hardcover)
 The Children Act (Hardcover)
 The Secret Place (Hardcover)
 Top Secret (Hardcover)
 Thirteen Days in September (Hardcover)
 America (Hardcover)
 Live from New York (Hardcover)
 Big Little Lies (Hardcover)
 The Dog (Hardcover)
 Waking Up (Hardcover)
 Cosby (Hardcover)
 The Beat of My Own Drum (Hardcover)
 The Long Way Home (Hardcover)
 In the Kingdom of Ice (Hardcover)
 The Mockingbird Next Door (Hardcover)
 Severed Souls (Hardcover)
 A Perfect Life (Hardcover)
 Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage (Hardcover)
 The Girls of August (Hardcover)

9/22 NEW FAVORITE Products
 Edge of Eternity (Hardcover)
 The Bone Clocks (Hardcover)
 13 Hours (Hardcover)
 Lock in (Hardcover)
 How Google Works (Hardcover)
 The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace (Hardcover)
 The Paying Guests (Hardcover)
 Elvis & Ginger (Hardcover)
 A Path Appears (Hardcover)
 The Edge of the Sky (Hardcover)
 The Miniaturist (Hardcover)
 How to Speak Brit (Hardcover)
 The Marshmallow Test (Hardcover)
 Neverhome (Hardcover)
 Cry Father (Hardcover)
 Tennessee Williams (Hardcover)
 Cinema of the Present (Paperback)
 The Book of Life (Hardcover)
 One Kick (Hardcover)
 The Human Age (Hardcover)
 Dear Daughter (Hardcover)
 We Are Not Ourselves (Hardcover)
 A Girl Is a Half-Formed Thing (Hardcover)
 This Changes Everything (Hardcover)
 The Good Girl (Hardcover)
 Forgetting to Be Afraid (Hardcover)
 The Narrow Road to the Deep North (Hardcover)
 Keep Your Friends Close (Hardcover)
 Virtue Falls (Hardcover)
 Virtually Human (Hardcover)
 Visions (Hardcover)

9/16 NEW IN PAPERBACK Products
 The Anatomy of Dreams (Paperback)
 The Target (Paperback)
 Sycamore Row (Mass Market Paperback)
 Orphan Train (Paperback)
 Unbroken (Paperback)
 Miracles and Massacres (Paperback)
 If the Tabloids Are True What Are You? (Paperback)
 The Ocean at the End of the Lane (Paperback)
 The Homecoming (Mass Market Paperback)
 Doctor Sleep (Paperback)
 After I'm Gone (Paperback)
 Winter of the World (Mass Market Paperback)
 Command and Control (Paperback)
 My Notorious Life (Paperback)
 Gone Girl (Paperback)
 Madame Picasso (Paperback)
 Crazy Rich (Paperback)
 An Old Betrayal (Paperback)
 Havoc (Mass Market Paperback)
 Voices from Beyond (Mass Market Paperback)
 Picture Perfect (Paperback)
 Just One Evil Act (Paperback)
 Heretics and Heroes (Paperback)
 An Event in Autumn (Paperback)

9/16 ROMANCE Products
 Ignited (Paperback)
 Dark Blood (Hardcover)
 Close to Home (Hardcover)
 Lord Savage (Paperback)
 Bittersweet (Hardcover)
 Her Last Whisper (Hardcover)
 Love Letters (Hardcover)
 The Arrow (Mass Market Paperback)
 Fifty Shades of Grey (Paperback)
 The Beautiful Ashes (Paperback)
 Heroes Are My Weakness (Hardcover)
 Pulse (Paperback)
 Taking It All (Paperback)
 Screwdrivered (Paperback)
 Fifty Shades Trilogy (Paperback)
 Dark Skye (Hardcover)
 Harbor Island (Hardcover)
 One Night (Paperback)
 Giving in (Paperback)
 Ugly Love (Paperback)
 The Promise (Mass Market Paperback)
 Invincible (Hardcover)
 The Accidental Abduction (Mass Market Paperback)
 Beautiful Oblivion (Paperback)
 It's in His Kiss (Mass Market Paperback)
 No In Between (Paperback)
 Crave the Night (Hardcover)
 Collide (Paperback)


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