Books Every Child Will Enjoy

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 Farmer Duck (Paperback)
 Sam & Dave Dig a Hole (Hardcover)
 I Want My Hat Back (Hardcover)
 This Is Not My Hat (Hardcover)
 We Found a Hat (Hardcover)
 Triangle (Hardcover)
 Anywhere Farm (Hardcover)
 Interrupting Chicken (Hardcover)
 Because Amelia Smiled (Hardcover)
 I'm My Own Dog (Hardcover)
 Ice Boy (Hardcover)
 Interrupting Chicken (Paperback)
 Green Pants (Hardcover)
 Owl Bat Bat Owl (Hardcover)
 Lucy (Hardcover)
 How to Train a Train (Hardcover)
 How to Track a Truck (Hardcover)
 Peg + Cat (Hardcover)
 Peg + Cat (Hardcover)
 Peg + Cat (Hardcover)
 Peg + Cat (Hardcover)
 Fiona's Little Lie (Hardcover)
 Felix Stands Tall (Hardcover)
 A Child of Books (Hardcover)
 Mercy Watson to the Rescue (Paperback)
 Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride (Paperback)
 Mercy Watson Princess in Disguise (Paperback)
 Mercy Watson Fights Crime (Paperback)