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 Overload (Hardcover)
 It Is Well with My Soul Coloring Book (Paperback)
 Same Kind of Different as Me (Paperback - Revised Ed.)
 The Atonement (Paperback)
 Reaching Your Prodigal (Paperback)
 Pressing Pause (Hardcover)
 Brush of Wings (Hardcover)
 The Shack (Mass Market Paperback)
 Good Faith (Hardcover)
 Come to the Garden (Paperback)
 Limitless (Paperback)
 Jesus Calling for Graduates (Hardcover)
 Filthy Fishermen (Paperback)
 Beauty Begins (Hardcover)
 (Un)Qualified (Hardcover)
 Glorious Grace (Paperback)
 Pocket Prayers for Friends (Hardcover)
 God's Promises for Graduates (Hardcover)
 The Most Excellent Way to Lead (Hardcover)
 Broken for Good (Hardcover)
 The Complete Bible Answer Book (Hardcover)
 Before Amen (Paperback)
 An Unbroken Heart (Paperback)
 The English Son (Paperback)
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