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 LEGO Creator Blue Power Jet Building Kit 31039
 LEGO NexoKnights Ultimate Clay 70330
 LEGO NexoKnights Ultimate Aaron 70332
 LEGO NexoKnights Knighton Battle Blaster 70310
 LEGO NexoKnights Chaos Catapult 70311
 LEGO NexoKnights Lance's Mecha Horse 70312
 LEGO NexoKnights Moltor's Lava Smasher 70313
 LEGO NexoKnights Beast Master's Chaos Chariot 70314
 LEGO NexoKnights Clay's Rumble Blade 70315
 LEGO Technic Display Team Jet 42044
 LEGO Creator Park Animals 31044
 LEGO Creator Construction Vehicles 31041
 LEGO Creator Desert Racers 31040
 LEGO Creator Propeller Plane 31047
 LEGO Creator Fast Car 31046
 LEGO Creator Ocean Explorer 31045
 LEGO Creator Super Soarer 31042
 LEGO Technic Getaway Racer 42046
 LEGO NexoKnights Ultimate Macy 70331
 LEGO NexoKnights Ultimate Robin 70333
 LEGO Ninjago Boulder Blaster 70747
 LEGO Super Heroes Jokerland 76035
 LEGO Ninjago Master WU Dragon 70734
 LEGO Ninjago Airjitzu Kai Flyer 70739
 LEGO Marvel Avengers Quinjet City Chase
 LEGO Ninjago Airjitzu Cole Flyer 70741
 LEGO Ninjago Airjitzu Moro Flyer 70743
 LEGO Superheroes Darkseid Invasion 76028
 LEGO Marvel X-Men Vs. The Sentinel 76022
 LEGO Bionicle Gali Uniter of Water 71307