Shipping Methods & Rates
Estimate Delivery Time

Want to know when you can expect delivery of your items? Remember, estimated delivery time = order processing time + shipping time

The availability of each item is clearly labeled throughout the site. Many items are labeled "In Stock," which means that your order will generally be processed and ready to ship within 24 hours after being placed. Larger orders may require additional processing time -- you can call us at (800) 201-3550 to check quantity availability before you order.

The number of days required for delivery also depends on the shipping method you select. For example, if you ordered an "In Stock" book and selected Next Day Air shipping, your total delivery time would be 2-3 business days (1 to 2 business day(s) to process, plus 1 business day of shipping time).

Sometimes an item's stock status may change during order processing. We will notify you of any changes in stock availability by email. We do everything within our ability to work with publishers and vendors to ensure your title is available to ship as stated on

Titles selected from our New & Used Marketplace usually ship in 1 to 2 days. This is because our partners ship directly to you. We work closely with our New & Used Marketplace partners to get your order to you as soon as possible. Please note, delivery should be expected between 4 and 14 days.

Millionaire's Club Express Shipping

Free Express Shipping for Millionaire's Club Members Millionaire's Club Members are eligible for Free Express Shipping in the continental US. With Free Express Shipping, your order will arrive in 1-3 business days after processing. Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. Best of all, no minimum purchase is required! See below for exclusions.

If any item is not in stock, it won't delay your order. The item will be placed on backorder, and you will receive backorder notification by email.


  1. Products identified as "not eligible" for Free Express Shipping are excluded. These include Used and Out of Print books from our authorized partners, items exceeding size and weight guidelines, all digital formats including books, music and video, and all periodicals and magazines.
  2. Shipments to Canada are ineligible for Free Express Shipping. This also includes the U.S. Virgin Islands and U.S. Protectorates.
  3. Shipments to correctional facilities are ineligible for Free Express Shipping
  4. Shipments to PO Boxes and APO/FPO addresses are ineligible for Free Express Shipping. However, we offer Millionaire's Club Members shipping items to PO Boxes and APO/FPO addresses Free Standard Shipping.
  5. New & Used Marketplace items are shipped from a variety of sellers, and are therefore not eligible for Free Express Shipping.
  6. Orders identified as exceeding quantity and or weight for standard shipping provider are ineligible for free freight. Customers will be notified by customer service of freight charge required. reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Free Express Shipping program at any time. Free Express Shipping for Millionaire's Club Members will apply to all items identified as "eligible for Free Express Shipping." For more information and all the fine print, visit our Millionaire's Club page.

United States
Method Total Delivery Time for Your Order Rate
Free Express Shipping* 2 to 4 business days Free to Millionaire's Club Members
Standard Ground 4 to 9 business days $2.99 per order PLUS $0.99 per item
2nd Day Air* 3 to 4 business days $7.49 per order PLUS $1.99 per item
Next Day Air* 2 to 3 business days $12.49 per order PLUS $2.99 per item

Not available to PO Boxes, the US Virgin Islands, US Protectorates, APO/FPO Addresses, or Correctional Facilities.

Note that Next Day Air shipping does not mean your order will arrive the next day. Click here for more

For UPS and USPS deliveries, is responsible for a package only until the carrier confirms that the order has been delivered. If the tracking information we have for you shows that the order has been delivered but you have not received your package, please contact our Customer Support department at 1-800-201-3550. We will be happy to investigate the matter with the shipper, but we cannot credit orders if the tracking number shows the package as being delivered (with or without signature).

Method Total Delivery Time for Your Order
Standard Canada Shipping* 2 to 12 weeks $14.99 per order PLUS $2.95 per item
Fastest Canada Shipping 4 to 7 business days $30.00 per order PLUS $5.95 per item

*Available only to Canadian addresses.
You are responsible for any import duties and taxes that may be levied once the package reaches the destination country. has no control over these charges and cannot predict whether they will be applied or how much they will be.

At this time, international shipping is not available on orders from

New & Used Marketplace

Method Total Estimated Delivery
Time for Your Order
Maximum Delivery Time Rate
Standard Domestic Orders 4 to 14 business days 30 calendar days $2.99 per order PLUS $3.99 per item (No Per Order Charge for Millionaire's Club Members)
Expedited Domestic Orders 3 to 8 business days 30 calendar days $7.49 per order PLUS $7.25 per item
Standard Canadian Orders 4 to 14 business days 30 calendar days $4.00 per order PLUS $13.99 per item

Tracking of shipment is not available on products purchased from our New & Used Marketplace. Click here for special return instructions

Specialty Items

Specialty Shop items are shipped by our specialty partners and are not eligible for Millionaire's Club Free Shipping. These items can only be shipped in the Continental United States and Canada. These items are not available to ship to P.O. boxes, APO/FPO or correctional facilities.

Orders for specialty store items are usually shipped within 48 hours; receipt will depend on the method selected.

*Standard Delivery - 4 to 8 days depending on location
*Express Delivery - 2 to 4 days depending on location

Shipping Method Weight Per item Shipping Method Weight Per item
Standard Delivery .01-2.00 lbs. 3.69 Express Delivery .01-2.00 lbs. 5.69
Standard Delivery 2.01-3.00 lbs. 4.69 Express Delivery 2.01-3.00 lbs. 6.69
Standard Delivery 3.01-5.00 lbs. 5.69 Express Delivery 3.01-5.00 lbs. 7.69
Standard Delivery 5.01-10.00 lbs. 6.69 Express Delivery 5.01-10.00 lbs. 9.69
Standard Delivery 10.01-15.00 lbs. 7.69 Express Delivery 10.01-15.00 lbs. 10.69
Standard Delivery 15.01-20.00 lbs. 9.69 Express Delivery 15.01-20.00 lbs. 12.69
Standard Delivery 20.01-25.00 lbs. 11.69 Express Delivery 20.01-25.00 lbs. 15.69
Standard Delivery 25.01-30.00 lbs. 12.69 Express Delivery 25.01-30.00 lbs. 18.69
Standard Delivery 30.01-35.00 lbs. 14.69 Express Delivery 30.01-35.00 lbs. 25.69
Standard Delivery 35.01-40.00 lbs. 16.69 Express Delivery 35.01-40.00 lbs. 28.69
Standard Delivery 40.01-45.00 lbs. 18.69 Express Delivery 40.01-45.00 lbs. 32.69
Standard Delivery 45.01-50.00 lbs. 20.69 Express Delivery 45.01-50.00 lbs. 35.69
Standard Delivery 50.01-60.00 lbs. 22.69 Express Delivery 50.01-60.00lbs. 40.69
Standard Delivery 60.01-70.00 lbs. 24.69 Express Delivery 60.01-70.00 lbs. 46.69
Standard Delivery 70.01-80.00 lbs. 40.69 Express Delivery 70.01-80.00 lbs. 50.69
Standard Delivery 80.01-90.00 lbs. 48.69 Express Delivery 80.01-90.00 lbs. 58.69
Standard Delivery 90.01-100.00 lbs. 55.69 Express Delivery 90.01-100.00 lbs. 68.69
Standard Delivery 100.01-125.00 lbs. 64.69 Express Delivery 100.01-125.00 lbs. 74.69
Standard Delivery 125.01-150.00 lbs. 76.69 Express Delivery 125.01-150.00 lbs. 90.69