Video and e-Card Gift Messages

Last-Minute Gift? No Problem!

When you've ordered a gift a little later than you should have and aren't sure it will arrive in time, Video and e-Card Gift Messages are the perfect solution. They're thoughtful and personalized, and they're a great way to let someone know a gift you've ordered is on its way.

If you'd like, you can also print and hand-deliver your e-Card Gift Message. Best of all, this service is absolutely free.

Video and e-Card Gift Message FAQs

How do I create a Video or e-Card Gift Message?
After you've purchased the gift, click on the Video and e-Card Gift Message delivery banner on the confirmation page. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create a fun and customized presentation!

Can I hide the gift image? I want the gift to be a surprise.
Sure! Just select "Hide the Gift" in the first step of creating the presentation. A wrapped gift image will be shown instead of an image of the gift you purchased.

Can the recipient see the price?
No. Prices are not shown in the presentation.

If the recipient does not open the e-mail, will he or she still receive the gift I ordered for him?
Absolutely. A Video or e-Card Gift Message is a gift purchase notification only.

Can the recipient check on the order or make changes to it?
No. Only you control the order, and only you can check its status or make any changes.

What if I'm sending gifts to multiple recipients?
You may create as many Messages as you'd like, up to the number of gifts in a single order. So send 1, 10 or 100 gifts and personalize each message! If sending the same card and message, it is streamlined to make it as fast as changing the email and recipient name only!

Can I send a Video or e-Card Gift Message NOW?
Yes! Just click here. If you purchased a gift and forgot to send a Video or e-Card Gift Message, you may create and send one now. It will show a wrapped gift image, since it's not linked to an order.

If I cancel or change my order, does it cancel the gift notice?
The Gift Message is sent separately from the order. If scheduled to be sent immediately, it cannot be unsent.