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8/21 Products
NEW IN KIDS Products
 Jedi Academy (Hardcover)
 Pete the Cat and the New Guy (Hardcover)
 Brotherband Chronicles Bk4 Slaves of Socorro (Hardcover)
 Peanut Butter & Cupcake (Hardcover)
 Homeroom Diaries (Hardcover)
 The Nuts (Hardcover)
 A Grimm Warning (Hardcover)
 Shipwreck Island (Hardcover)
 My New Friend Is So Fun! (Hardcover)
 Pete the Cat's Super Cool Reading Collection (Paperback)
 Never Girls #7 (Paperback)
 Save Rafe! (Hardcover)
 Evil Fairies Love Hair (Hardcover)
 Judy Moody, Mood Martian (Hardcover)
 Star Wars Rebels Ezra's Gamble (Paperback)
 The Cabinet of Curiosities (Hardcover)
 Goodnight Darth Vader (Hardcover)
 Never Girls Collection #2 (Paperback)
 The Paddington Treasury (Hardcover)
 Fancy Nancy's Fabulous Fall Storybook Collection (Hardcover)
 The Secret of the Key (Hardcover)
 Frozen (Paperback)
 Rush Revere and the First Patriots (Hardcover)
 Tales from a Not-So-Glam TV Star (Hardcover)
 Comics Squad (Paperback)
 My Little Pony (Hardcover)
 Soccer on Sunday (Hardcover)
 The Endless Lake (Hardcover)
 The Complete Book of Dragons (Hardcover)
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Surviors 5 by Erin Hunter
Kids Book Club
Middle School: Save Rafe!
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Also in Kids-A-Million Feature Four
8/21 FAVORITE BOOKS Products
 The Nuts (Hardcover)
 The Nuts (Hardcover)
 The Notebook of Doom #5 (Hardcover)
 The Search for the Treasure (Hardcover)
 Warriors Super Edition (Hardcover)
 Goodnight Darth Vader (Hardcover)
 Goodnight Darth Vader (Hardcover)
 The Glass Sentence (Hardcover)
 The Pigeon Needs a Bath! (Hardcover)
 Soccer on Sunday (Hardcover)
 Soccer on Sunday (Hardcover)
 Lockwood & Co. the Screaming Staircase (Paperback)
 The Endless Lake (Hardcover)
 The Endless Lake (Hardcover)
 Olivia's ABC (Hardcover)
 The Very Cranky Bear (Hardcover)
 Wonder (Hardcover)
 I Love My White Shoes (Hardcover)
 Jack Staples and the Ring of Time (Paperback)
 Maleficent (Hardcover)
 The Giver (Mass Market Paperback)
 Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims - Time-Travel Adventures (Hardcover)
 The Hangman's Revolution (Hardcover)
 Middle School (Hardcover)
 The Giving Tree (Hardcover)
 The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Hardcover)
 The House of Hades (Hardcover)
 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 8 (Hardcover)
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