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  • ISBN-13: 9780345506207
  • ISBN-10: 0345506200

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Publishers Weekly Reviews

Publishers Weekly® Reviews

  • Reviewed in: Publishers Weekly, page 32.
  • Review Date: 2009-02-23
  • Reviewer: Staff

Molly Divine Marx is dead. No one is quite sure how—murder, suicide, tragic accident?—and even Molly's own recollection doesn't explain much. Narrating this charming novel from an afterlife limbo known as the Duration, Molly follows the investigation of her death while keeping tabs on the living she left behind. Nearly everyone is a suspect: Barry, Molly's philandering plastic surgeon husband; Kitty, her controlling mother-in-law; Luke, Molly's lover; and the cabal of wifely hopefuls who line up for a shot at Barry before Molly's casket is safely in the ground. Longtime magazine editor Koslow (Little Pink Slips) knows her way around expertly tuned phrasing, and Molly is a delightful gem of a heroine. Equal parts self-deprecating, wry and sassy, Molly is honest about her faults and easily forgiving of the others' as she reviews her life with a hearty dose of honesty and humor. Though the anticipated delicious revelation doesn't quite live up to expectations, the narrative's heavy dose of hilarity and heartbreak will win readers over. (May)

BookPage Reviews

Insights from the afterlife

By the time we meet Molly Divine Marx in the opening pages of The Late, Lamented Molly Marx, she is dead. But that by no means detracts from the many charms of Sally Koslow’s wonderful new novel.

We join Molly as she peers down on her family and friends from “the Duration,” willing one determined police detective to solve the mystery of her sudden death.

The suspects are many. Molly may have had a great life in New York City—adorable young daughter, great friends, loving parents and a fiercely loyal twin sister—but she also had Barry, a narcissistic plastic surgeon husband who cheated on her with alarming regularity. One mistress in particular seems off-kilter enough to do Molly real harm.

And then there was Luke, with whom she had a whirlwind affair and a bumpy breakup. A lovesick Luke insisted he and Molly were meant to be together, but she firmly rebuffed him, determined to make a fresh start with Barry.

Although Molly narrates from the heavens, this is not “The Lovely Bones: The Middle-Aged Years.” Koslow provides only the sketchiest glimpses of the afterlife, wisely focusing instead on Molly’s cosmic voyeurism into happenings back on Earth. And like anyone would if given the chance, Molly takes full advantage of her newfound gift. She peeks in on her preschool-aged daughter, watches her husband flirt his way through the Upper West Side, and averts her eyes demurely when her best friend gets lucky.

But in the months after her death, police are no closer to figuring out how Molly ended up in the Hudson River. Molly begins to wonder whether she—and her loved ones back home—will be stuck floating in limbo forever.

Former editor-in-chief of McCall’s magazine, Koslow made her fiction debut with the novel Little Pink Slips—very Manhattan-magazine-editor-in-Manolos fabulous, but also light as a feather. This novel goes deeper, filled with remarkable clarity about how to embrace life while you can.


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