The Lost Sisterhood
by Anne Fortier

Overview - From the author of the "New York Times" bestseller "Juliet" comes a mesmerizing novel about a young scholar who risks her reputation--and her life--on a thrilling journey to prove that the legendary warrior women known as the Amazons actually existed.  Read more...

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More About The Lost Sisterhood by Anne Fortier
From the author of the "New York Times" bestseller "Juliet" comes a mesmerizing novel about a young scholar who risks her reputation--and her life--on a thrilling journey to prove that the legendary warrior women known as the Amazons actually existed.
Oxford lecturer Diana Morgan is an expert on Greek mythology. Her obsession with the Amazons started in childhood when her eccentric grandmother claimed to be one herself--before vanishing without a trace. Diana's colleagues shake their heads at her Amazon fixation. But then a mysterious, well-financed foundation makes Diana an offer she cannot refuse.
Traveling to North Africa, Diana teams up with Nick Barran, an enigmatic Middle Eastern guide, and begins deciphering an unusual inscription on the wall of a recently unearthed temple. There she discovers the name of the first Amazon queen, Myrina, who crossed the Mediterranean in a heroic attempt to liberate her kidnapped sisters from Greek pirates, only to become embroiled in the most famous conflict of the ancient world--the Trojan War. Taking their cue from the inscription, Diana and Nick set out to find the fabled treasure that Myrina and her Amazon sisters salvaged from the embattled city of Troy so long ago. Diana doesn't know the nature of the treasure, but she does know that someone is shadowing her, and that Nick has a sinister agenda of his own. With danger lurking at every turn, and unsure of whom to trust, Diana finds herself on a daring and dangerous quest for truth that will forever change her world.
Sweeping from England to North Africa to Greece and the ruins of ancient Troy, and navigating between present and past, "The Lost Sisterhood" is a breathtaking, passionate adventure of two women on parallel journeys, separated by time, who must fight to keep the lives and legacy of the Amazons from being lost forever.
Advance praise for "The Lost Sisterhood"
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""The Lost Sisterhood "is a spellbinding adventure, a tale of two courageous women separated by millennia but pursuing interwoven quests: one to protect and lead her sisters through a dangerous ancient world, the other to prove that the legendary tribe of women truly existed, and that their legacy endures."--Jennifer Chiaverini, author of "Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker" and" The Spymistress"
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"Anne Fortier's boldly imaginative and beautifully plotted novel takes us on a spellbinding journey from the halls of Oxford to the ruins of Troy, with a mysterious journal leading the way to a fascinating history. "The Lost Sisterhood" connects wonderfully smart and strong sisters of the present and the past in a story I won't soon forget."--Meg Waite Clayton, author of "The Wednesday Daughters"
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""The Lost Sisterhood" is a bright, burning, magnificent accomplishment. Compulsively readable, mystical and heroic, this is a novel that will capture your interest, your imagination, and your heart. The compelling characters, beautifully rendered settings, and fascinating and original history are well served by the creativity with which Fortier blends them in this truly amazing story."--M. J. Rose, author of "The Book of Lost Fragrances"

  • ISBN-13: 9780345536228
  • ISBN-10: 0345536223
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books
  • Publish Date: March 2014
  • Page Count: 585

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Publishers Weekly Reviews

Publishers Weekly® Reviews

  • Reviewed in: Publishers Weekly, page .
  • Review Date: 2014-02-10
  • Reviewer: Staff

In her second novel, best-selling author Fortier (Juliet) tackles Greek mythology through two densely plotted parallel tales. The first and more compelling story is narrated by Diana Morgan, a modern-day Oxford philologist who studies the Amazons, a "mythical" tribe of women warriors. When a stranger representing a secretive foundation approaches Diana claiming to have proof of the Amazon's actual existence, she leaves immediately for a North African drill site. There, she finds an inscription on a temple wall that reveals the name of the first Amazon queen, Myrina. Diana translates this inscription using notes jotted down by her grandmother, who claimed to be a modern day Amazon and was subsequently diagnosed as a schizophrenic. Morgan begins a complicated and dangerous quest to discover the treasure Queen Myrina stole from Troy, and uncover the truth behind her grandmother's claim. The book is convoluted by a second narrative which follows Queen Myrina centuries earlier as she rescues her Amazon sisters from Greek pirates. Together, these intricate and multi-layered plots are often hard to follow. Still, the novel manages to maintain its appeal: an entertaining tale about smart warrior princess who faces shadowy bad guys, exploding drill sites, and deep-think puzzles, with some enticing romance on the side. (Mar.)

BookPage Reviews

Seeking the truth of the legendary Amazon women

Diana Morgan has focused her career as a philologist (one who engages in the study of literary text and written records), on the Amazons, the legendary warrior women of ancient Greece—and with good reason. They’re rooted in her own family history. Before disappearing without a trace, Diana’s grandmother used to regale her with stories about the lost tribe of warrior women. Her grandmother even went as far as to suggest that she was an Amazon herself, leading the rest of the family to doubt her mental capacity.

Diana’s scholarly work at Oxford University centers on the discovery and dissection of the Amazon race; however, other professors warn her that she is committing career suicide if she continues to focus on a part of history that most regard as completely fantastical.

Enter a well-financed, shadowy foundation that makes Diana an offer to travel to North Africa to study her beloved Amazons. It’s perfect timing for our suffering academic, who has just ended a relationship. While working with a mysterious guide, Nick Barran, Diana begins to slowly uncover the real history of the Amazons. She discovers the name of the first Amazon queen, Myrina, and learns of her epic journey to save her kidnapped sisters long ago.

The rest of the novel intertwines Diana’s story with that of Myrina, seamlessly floating between past and present. Anne Fortier, whose previous novel, Juliet, was also a historical tale based on a familiar story, weaves the quests of Myrina and Diana together to ultimately show the reader that both women are pursuing the same goal: to keep the Amazons from disappearing forever.

The Lost Sisterhood is a gorgeous journey from England to North Africa to Greece, thrilling readers with beautiful settings, courageous women and breathtaking adventure.

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