American Sniper
- Bradley Cooper

Overview - Biopic of Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), the most-celebrated sniper in American military history. In the aftermath of 9/11, Kyle decides to serve his country by becoming a Navy SEAL. But with each tour of duty, he grows more detached from his wife and children.  Read more...

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More About American Sniper - Bradley Cooper

Biopic of Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), the most-celebrated sniper in American military history. In the aftermath of 9/11, Kyle decides to serve his country by becoming a Navy SEAL. But with each tour of duty, he grows more detached from his wife and children. As the story opens, we meet carefree brothers Chris and Jeff (Keir O'Donnell) as they work the Texas rodeo circuit. They're cowboys through and through, and despite being notably older than the usual enlistee, Chris pays a visit to his local recruitment office and decides to become a Navy SEAL. Later, at the firing range, he draws on his hunting lessons with his stern father to become an expert marksman. A booze-fueled barroom chat with pretty brunette Taya (Sienna Miller) soon leads to wedding bells, and following the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Kyle is deployed to Iraq for his first tour of duty. There, his reputation as a sniper who never misses makes him a legend among his fellow troops, and earns him the moniker "The Devil of Ramadi" from his enemies. With a substantial bounty on his head, Kyle makes it his personal mission to take out a sadistic Iraqi soldier known as "The Butcher," as well as an elusive enemy marksman with a skill to rival his own. The closer he gets to achieving his goals during repeat tours of duty, however, the more fellow soldiers he sees die, and the further he drifts from Taya and their two children back home. It all leads up to a tense rooftop gunfight in a raging sandstorm -- one that convinces the sniper once and for all to make his family his top priority. Unfortunately, all is not well as Kyle struggles to make the transition back to civilian life, but he discovers that helping his fellow veterans is an effective way to do good and make peace with his wartime experiences.

Cast List

Clint Eastwood - American actor/director, THE GOOD, THE BAD.../UNFORGIVEN
Gary Fettis
Jeff Habberstad
Gregg Rudloff
John Reitz
Judy Farr
Sony Pictures Imageworks - Visual effects company
Pacific Title & Art Studio
Ahmed Hatimi
Tom Ozanich
Terry Baliel
Carol Pershing
Tim Moore - Executive Producer
Scott Roark
Lenny Dalrymple
David Bernstein - First Assistant Director; Screenwriter; Actor
Nathaniel Acord
Thomas VonBadinski
Trevor Habberstad
Tom Stern - Director/Screenwriter
Lola - Visual Effects
Jason Hall - Executive Producer; Screenwriter
Image Engine
Faical Attougui
Marc Banich
Richard Schwalm
Ryan Senecal
Steven Riley
Chris Kyle
Michael Kay
Vance VanBoxtel Jr.
Scott McEwen
James DeFelice - Screenwriter; Actor
Javier Lomeli
Matt O'Dell
Jake Valdez
Alan Roberts - Special Effects
Cara Davies
Robert Clotworthy
Ben Reed
Marne Patterson - STANDING STILL
Marnette Patterson - STANDING STILL
Zack Duhame - actor
Kathe E. Mazur
Leonard Roberts - Actor, DRUMLINE (2002)
Tim Griffin
Eric Close - Actor
Troy Vincent - Actor
Bradley Cooper - Actor, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER (2001)
Elise Robertson
Mark Thomason
Sam Jaeger - Actor, LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN (2006)
Cory Hardrict
Rey Gallegos - Actor, JOHN RAMBO
Sienna Miller - Actress, KEEN EDDIE
Eric Ladin - Actor
Chance Kelly
Owain Yeoman - Welsh actor, Kitchen Confidential/The Nine
Jake McDorman - AQUAMARINE (2006)
Keir O'Donnell - Actor, HAVOC (2007)
Shane Habberstad - Stunts
Assaf Cohen
Navid Negahban - Actor
Brian Hallisay
Fehd Benchemsi
Luke Grimes - Actor
Mido Hamada
Ferguson Reid
Jonathan Groff - Actor
Brando Eaton
Sammy Sheik
Fahim Fazli
Elizabeth Schmidt - Star
James Dever
Evan Gamble
Max Charles
Brett Edwards
Kevin Ryan - Actor, ;
James Ryen
Jonathan Kowalsky
Ayman Samman - Actor, ;
Jet Jurgensmeyer
Vincent Selhorst-Jones
Erik Aude
Luis Jose Lopez - Actor
Hector Bucio
Benjamin Mathes
Luke Sunshine
Brandon Salgado Telis
Billy Miller - Actor, ;
Jason Walsh
Kevin Lacz
Jad Mhidi Senhaji
Ryan Sadaghiani
Salah Salea
Aidan McGraw
Pamela Denise Weaver - Actor
Amie Farrell
Quay Terry
Tami Goveia
Leon Charles Farmer
Paul Meixner
Victoria Reina Sigloch
Joel Lambert - Actor
Tony Nevada
Nick Salter
Ricky Ryba
Greg Duke
Madeleine McGraw
Bryan Anderson
Jacob Schick
Wade White
Anthony Jennings - Actor
Jason Hall - Actor, ;
Melissa Hayden - Actress/Choreographer

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  • Release Date: October 2017

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"A taut, vivid and sad account of the brief life of the most accomplished marksman in American military annals, AMERICAN SNIPER feels very much like a companion piece -- in subject, theme and quality -- to THE HURT LOCKER." - 11/11/2014 Hollywood Reporter

"Eastwood's impeccably crafted action sequences so catch us up in the chaos of combat we are almost not aware that we're watching a film at all." - 12/24/2014 Los Angeles Times

"AMERICAN SNIPER's Iraq sections add up to a continuous, taut war-movie narrative..." -- Grade: B - 12/23/2014 A.V. Club

"It's clearly Cooper's show....He's thoroughly convincing in his portrayal of a man consumed by thoughts of soldiers he was unable to save." - 12/24/2014 USA Today

3.5 stars out of 4 -- "[O]ne of the more tough-minded and effective war pictures of post-American-Century American cinema." - 12/25/2014

3.5 stars out of 4 -- "Eastwood, working from a script that Jason Hall adapted from Kyle's 2012 memoir, fuses the explosive and the sorrowful as only he can. That's why his film takes a piece out of you." - 12/23/2014 Rolling Stone

"Faithful in shape and spirit to the real Chris Kyle’s memoir, AMERICAN SNIPER also reaffirms Mr. Eastwood’s commitment to the themes of vengeance and justice in a fallen world." - 12/24/2014 New York Times

"Clint Eastwood's AMERICAN SNIPER is a film that evokes complicated emotions." - 12/25/2014 Entertainment Weekly

"Cooper gives maybe the best performance of his career....Cooper infuses him with humanity and dignity." - 01/15/2015 Chicago Sun-Times

4 stars out of 5 -- "[W]ith a gripping series of life-and-death calls that recall THE HURT LOCKER in their power and urgency....It's good to see Eastwood back on target and firing live ammo." - 01/11/2015 Total Film

4 stars out of 5 -- "[T]he fitting combo of Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper have created a thrilling Iraq war story that manages to both honour the necessities of heroism and ruminate on what heroism might cost a man." - 01/09/2015 Empire

"From a narrative standpoint, it works. The battle scenes are alternately tense and thrilling, especially during one climactic sequence." - 01/15/2015 Washington Post

"If you want to see what a movie looks like when made with clarity and lucidity by someone who knows exactly what it is that they're about, see Clint Eastwood's AMERICAN SNIPER." - 02/01/2015 Sight and Sound

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