The Hidden Reality : Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos
by Brian Greene

Overview - From the best-selling author of The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos comes his most expansive and accessible book to date--a book that takes on the grandest question: Is ours the only universe?

There was a time when "universe" meant all there is.  Read more...

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More About The Hidden Reality by Brian Greene
From the best-selling author of The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos comes his most expansive and accessible book to date--a book that takes on the grandest question: Is ours the only universe?

There was a time when "universe" meant all there is. Everything. Yet, in recent years discoveries in physics and cosmology have led a number of scientists to conclude that our universe may be one among many. With crystal-clear prose and inspired use of analogy, Brian Greene shows how a range of different "multiverse" proposals emerges from theories developed to explain the most refined observations of both subatomic particles and the dark depths of space: a multiverse in which you have an infinite number of doppelgangers, each reading this sentence in a distant universe; a multiverse comprising a vast ocean of bubble universes, of which ours is but one; a multiverse that endlessly cycles through time, or one that might be hovering millimeters away yet remains invisible; another in which every possibility allowed by quantum physics is brought to life. Or, perhaps strangest of all, a multiverse made purely of math.

Greene, one of our foremost physicists and science writers, takes us on a captivating exploration of these parallel worlds and reveals how much of reality's true nature may be deeply hidden within them. And, with his unrivaled ability to make the most challenging of material accessible and entertaining, Greene tackles the core question: How can fundamental science progress if great swaths of reality lie beyond our reach?

Sparked by Greene's trademark wit and precision, The Hidden Reality is at once a far-reaching survey of cutting-edge physics and a remarkable journey to the very edge of reality--a journey grounded firmly in science and limited only by our imagination.

  • ISBN-13: 9780307265630
  • ISBN-10: 0307265633
  • Publisher: Knopf Publishing Group
  • Publish Date: January 2011
  • Page Count: 384
  • Dimensions: 9.57 x 6.35 x 1.35 inches
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Publishers Weekly Reviews

Publishers Weekly® Reviews

  • Reviewed in: Publishers Weekly, page .
  • Review Date: 2010-12-20
  • Reviewer: Staff

"There was a time when ‘universe' meant ‘all there is,' " writes Greene, but soon we may have to redefine that word, along with our own meager understanding of the cosmos. A theoretical physicist and celebrated author, Greene offers intrepid readers another in-depth yet marvelously accessible look inside the perplexing world of modern theoretical physics and cosmology. Greene's book The Elegant Universe explained late 20th-century efforts to find a unified theory of everything, culminating with string theory. But string theory opened up a new can of worms, hinting at the possible existence of multiple universes and other strange entities. The possibility of other universes existing alongside our own like holes in "a gigantic block of Swiss cheese" seems more likely every day. Beginning with relativity theory, the Big Bang, and our expanding universe, Greene introduces first the mind-blowing multiplicity of forms those parallel universes might take, from patchwork quilts or stretchy "branes" to landscapes and holograms riddled with black holes. With his inspired analogies starring everyone from South Park's Eric Cartman to Ms. Pac-Man and a can of Pringles, Greene presents a lucid, intriguing, and triumphantly understandable state-of-the-art look at the universe. Illus. (Feb.)

BookPage Reviews

Boldly going where no man has gone before

In The Hidden Reality, Brian Greene, professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia University, leads the general reader on an excursion to the farthest and most mind-bending reaches of speculative physics. It’s a journey that explores the concepts and theories that underlie nine contending versions of parallel universes, or multiverses. “Each envisions our universe as part of an unexpectedly larger whole,” Greene writes, “but the complexion of that whole and the nature of the member universes differ sharply among them.”

As readers of his previous bestsellers—The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos—know, Greene is a particularly good guide in these heady realms. Mathematics is the language of theoretical physics, but Greene has an uncanny ability to find metaphors and analogies to substitute for mathematical explanations (while allowing those interested in the math to explore it in the footnotes). The narrative flows from easily comprehensible theories of the inflationary universe, through challenging concepts evolving from string theory, to wildly provocative theories of virtual multiverses. Each chapter also progresses from easily grasped ideas to the more abstract, with Greene offering encouraging summaries and escape hatches along the way.

Does Greene himself believe any of these theories? He remains skeptical, he says. There is as yet little to no experimental data to support these theories; as he frequently points out, experimental proof would require resources far beyond those currently available on Earth. On the other hand, counterintuitive aspects of quantum mechanics have been proven, so we already know that the deeper reality of the cosmos is far stranger and more varied than our human walking-around reality. Furthermore, he writes, “all of the parallel-universe proposals that we will take seriously emerge unbidden from the mathematics of theories developed to explain conventional data and observations.” In other words, Greene remains open to the possibilities.

Likewise, lay readers with open minds and some patience will find The Hidden Reality an exhilarating—if sometimes vertigo-inducing—journey.

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