Les Mis‚rables: 10th Anniversary Concert
by Original London Cast

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Track Listing

1 Miserables, musical: Prologue, Les
2 Les Miserables, musical: On Parole ... The Bishop: The Bishop
3 Miserables, musical: Valjean's Soliloquy, Les
4 Miserables, musical: At the End of the Day, Les
5 Miserables, musical: I Dreamed a Dream, Les
6 Miserables, musical: Lovely Ladies, Les
7 Miserables, musical: Fantine's Arrest, Les
8 Miserables, musical: The Runaway Cart, Les
9 Miserables, musical: Who am I? - The Trial, Les
10 Miserables, musical: Fantine's Death, Les
11 Miserables, musical: The Confrontation, Les
12 Miserables, musical: Castle on a Cloud, Les
13 Miserables, musical: Master of the House, Les
14 Miserables, musical: The Bargain - Waltz of Treachery, Les
15 Miserables, musical: Look Down, Les
16 Miserables, musical: Stars, Les
17 Les Miserables, musical: ABC Caf‚ ... Red and Black: ABC Cafe
18 Miserables, musical: Do You Hear the People Sing?, Les
19 Miserables, musical: Rue Plumet - In My Life, Les
20 Miserables, musical: A Heart Full of Love, Les
1 Miserables, musical: The Attack on Rue Plumet, Les
2 Miserables, musical: One Day More!, Les
3 Miserables, musical: Building the Barricade ... On My Own, Les
4 Miserables, musical: Back at the Barricade, Les
5 Miserables, musical: Javert's Arrival ... Little People, Les
6 Miserables, musical: A Little Fall of Rain, Les
7 Miserables, musical: Night of Anguish, Les
8 Miserables, musical: First Attack, Les
9 Miserables, musical: Drink With Me, Les
10 Miserables, musical: Bring Him Home, Les
11 Les Miserables, musical: Second Attack ... The Final Battle: Second Attack
12 Miserables, musical: The Sewers, Les
13 Miserables, musical: Dog Eats Dog, Les
14 Miserables, musical: Javert's Suicide, Les
15 Miserables, musical: Turning, Les
16 Miserables, musical: Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, Les
17 Les Miserables, musical: Every Day ... A Heart Full of Love (Reprise): Every Day / A Heart Full Of L
18 Les Miserables, musical: The Wedding Chorale ... Beggars at the Feast: The Wedding Chorale / Beggars
19 Miserables, musical: Epilogue, Les (Finale)
20 Les Miserables, musical: Encore 1 - Speeches ... Do You Hear the People Sing?: Speeches
21 Miserables, musical: Encore 2 - One Day More, Les

Genre: Soundtracks
  • Genre: Original Cast Recordings
  • Release Date: June 2004
  • Label: First Night (USA)
  • Format: CD
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Audio Format: Stereo
  • Engineer: David Hunt
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