- Bruce Willis

Overview - A group of former government assassins fights back against the CIA after they're targeted for knowing too much in this adaptation of Warren Ellis' acclaimed DC Comics graphic novels. Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) used to be a hired gun for the CIA.  Read more...

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More About RED - Bruce Willis

A group of former government assassins fights back against the CIA after they're targeted for knowing too much in this adaptation of Warren Ellis' acclaimed DC Comics graphic novels. Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) used to be a hired gun for the CIA. Along with Joe (Morgan Freeman), Marvin (John Malkovich), and Victoria (Helen Mirren), Frank's specialty was carrying out contracts that the government didn't want the public to know about. These days, Frank and his old gang are all retired, but the powers that be are still concerned that they know too much, and dispatch a team of top assassins to ensure their silence. Now, Frank and his former team members realize that their only hope for survival is to break into CIA headquarters and expose the truth. But once they're in, the group uncovers evidence of a massive cover-up that promises to rock the very foundation of our government. Karl Urban, Brian Cox, Richard Dreyfuss, and Ernest Borgnine co-star.

Cast List

Jamie Jones - Actor; Stunts
Myron Hoffert
Florian Ballhaus - Director of Photography, INVESTIGATING SEX (2002)
Michael Minkler
Erich Hoeber - Screenwriter
Christophe Beck
Jon Hoeber - Screenwriter
Cal Loucks
Tony Lamberti
Jon Title
Paul Jennings
Julianne Jordan - Music Supervisor, THE ITALIAN JOB (2003)
Robert Schwentke - Director, FLIGHTPLAN (2005)
Gerald Quist
Whitney Brown - Unit Production Manager; Production Supervisor; Line Produce
Deena Adair
Zoic Studios
Millie Tom
Patricia Medina - Assistant Hair
Patricia Keighran
Matt Fausak
Sara Romilly
Andrew Robinson - First Assistant Director
Jennifer Nash - Musical Direction/Supervision
CIS-Vancouver - Visual Effects
Mike Hancock - Makeup
Jakub Pazera
Steve Corbett
Saints LA
Ernest Borgnine - American Actor, MARTY, THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE
Ermes Effron Borgnine - American Actor, MARTY, THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE
Tony Desantis - Actor
Emily Kuroda
John Malkovich - American Actor/Producer
Julian McMahon
Helen Mirren - British Actress
Robert Morse - American Stage/Film Actor
Chris Owens - Actor
Mary-Louise Parker - Actress
Mary Louise Parker - Actress
Rebecca Pidgeon - American Actress
James Remar - American character actor
Heidi Von Palleske - Supporting Actress
Bruce Willis - American actor, THE SIXTH SENSE (1999)
Brian Cox - British Actor, L.I.E. (2000)
Richard Dreyfuss - American actor, JAWS
Morgan Freeman - American Actor
Thomas Mitchell - Actor
Joshua Peace - Star, BEEFCAKE (1999)
Josh Peace - Star, BEEFCAKE (1999)
Karl Urban - Actor, THE PRICE OF MILK (2001)
Jacqueline Fleming
Mathew Olver
Lawrence Turner - Actor: TODAY YOU DIE (2005)
Jason Weinberg - Actor
Michelle Nolden - American Actress
Dmitry Chepovetsky
Audrey Wasilewski
Murray McRae
Justine Wachsberger
Bernadette Couture
Laura DeCarteret - Actress
Jefferson Brown
Neil Whitely
Randy Wade Kelley
Jason Guiliano
Alec Rayme
Tara Yelland
Greg Bryk - Star, LIVING DEATH (2006)
Jake Goodman
Tess Goodman
Desiree Beausoleil
Jonathan Lloyd Walker
Cindy Dukoff
Chavis Brown
Aaron Khon

    DVD Format
  • Format: DVD
  • Run Time: 111
  • Color Format: (unknown/unconverted)
  • UPC: 025192091490
  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Rating: PG-13 (MPAA)
  • Release Date: February 2013

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Movie Reviews

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"[A]n amusing, lightfooted caper about a team of aging CIA veterans rudely forced out of retirement." - 09/29/2010 Variety

"Mirren is most at ease in her role, handling her lines with aplomb and firing automatic weapons like she means it." - 10/15/2010 Los Angeles Times

"RED mixes high and low with a mad chemist's abandon....RED is given a hyper- and yet imaginatively stylized treatment by director Robert Schwentke..." - 10/13/2010 Movieline

"[T]his is a capable, experienced cast with extensive acting chops..." -- Grade: B- - 10/14/2010 A.V. Club

"[W]hat keeps the movie going is the gameness of the cast, some of whom strike a perfect balance between self-consciousness and credulity." - 10/19/2010 Hollywood Reporter

"Ms. Parker is a graceful comedienne, and it's no news that Mr. Willis is a past master of delicate -- yes, delicate -- self-irony, so their characters generate welcome fizz in the course of a fraught relationship." - 10/15/2010 Wall Street Journal

3 stars out of 5 -- "Over 20 years since DIE HARD, Bruce Willis is still playing that guy -- sardonic, wisecracking, good at killing -- and it works a treat." - 10/22/2010 Empire

3 stars out of 5 -- "Willis and Parker make an appealing couple, the latter's neurotic energy fueling possibly the best onscreen partnership Willis has had since Moonlighting." - 10/01/2010 Total Film

"[I]t is Helen Mirren, as the demure Victoria Winslow, who is the real casting coup." - 12/01/2010 Sight and Sound

3 stars out of 5 -- "THE EXPENDABLES proved it was profitable to assemble veteran stars....RED offers similar fare, though with a distinctly higher acting caliber." - 03/01/2011 Uncut

"[T]his adaptation of a graphic novel series gets into a cool, sophisticated swing." - 01/25/2014 Washington Post

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