Wired to Eat : Turn Off Cravings, Rewire Your Appetite for Weight Loss, and Determine the Foods That Work for You
by Robb Wolf and Kaleo Griffith

One Month to Reset Your Metabolism for Lasting Fat Loss,
One Week to Discover the Carbs that are Right for You.

The surprising truth is that we are genetically wired to eat more and move less, the exact opposite of the advice we are often given.


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One Month to Reset Your Metabolism for Lasting Fat Loss,
One Week to Discover the Carbs that are Right for You.

The surprising truth is that we are genetically wired to eat more and move less, the exact opposite of the advice we are often given. Now there is a more customized weight loss solution that works with your body, a solution based not on arbitrary restriction of foods but on what works for YOU. Developed by former research biochemist, health expert, and bestselling author Robb Wolf, Wired to Eat offers an eating program, based on groundbreaking research, that will rewire your appetite for weight loss and help you finally determine the optimal foods for your diet and metabolism.
With his bestselling book, The Paleo Solution, Robb Wolf helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight by eating a low-carb Paleo diet, but Paleo is only a starting point, not a destination. Now, he'll share a more customized way of eating that may be the key to permanent weight loss and better health. You'll start with Wolf's 30-Day Reset to help you restore your body's blood sugar levels, repair your appetite, and reverse insulin resistance. There are more than 70 delicious recipes, detailed meal plans, and shopping lists to aid you on your journey. Wolf also includes meal plans for people who suffer with autoimmune diseases, as well as advice on eating a ketogenic diet. Once you've completed this phase of the plan, the unique 7-Day Carb Test will help you determine what amounts and types of carbs you can tolerate.
No more guessing. Now you can find out for yourself which foods you can and cannot eat, instead of relying on a one-size-fits all diet. Transform your diet by discovering your peronalized weight loss blueprint with Wired to Eat.

  • Publisher: Penguin Random House Audio Publishing Gr
  • Date: Mar 2017

From the cover

One Size Does Not Fit All

If I have learned anything over the years, it's that we all tend to benefit from general guidelines, but our individual needs may be profoundly different than those of our neighbor. This can create a bias that makes us think what worked for us or someone we know will work for everyone. So although we'd like to keep things as simple as possible, when we gear things for an individual's needs, things can get complex in a hurry.

Understanding how and why we need to change our eating and lifestyle to be healthy or lose weight can be relatively easy in practice ("Hey, buddy, just do this!"), but if folks need convincing, if they need to understand the whys and the details, well, that takes some work. So which is better: simplicity or complexity? Well, it depends. Both approaches have pitfalls. An overly simplistic view of the Paleo diet led to a mindless process of asking, "Is this food Paleo?" versus the more appropriate question, "Is this food a good option for me?" On the other hand, if the details on how the diet works starts to look like Advanced Chemistry, a typical reader would rather roll around naked in broken glass. I will aim to strike a balance between the two extremes, giving you sufficient information in a simple way so you understand how these choices will help you live a healthier life.

There is a (likely) fictional account of the famous artist and inventor Michelangelo that describes how he produced his masterwork sculpture David. He was asked what his process was for creating such detailed and lifelike work, and he responded with something to the effect of, "I cut away everything that did not look like David." Sculptors, woodworkers, engineers, and artisans of all types use a variety of tools and strategies to produce their work. The tools used in the beginning are for the "rough work," while other tools are used to produce the refined, finished product. As powerful as the Paleo diet or Ancestral Health perspective is, in this book, that strategy is used as a "rough" tool. Ultimately, I will help you find your own customized eating plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Recent research has shed light on the need to go beyond doctrine in order to find what works for us individually. In Wired to Eat, I will show you how to use this information to create your own effective, customized eating plan that can change your life and your health. How's this possible? In recent studies, hundreds of people were fed a variety of foods and their individual blood glucose responses were tracked over time. To everyone's surprise, there was not a ­one-­size-­fits-­all "best diet," but rather massive variation, from person to person and in the types of foods each individual reacted favorably or negatively to. This is groundbreaking because it indicates some foods create a healthy response in some people while creating a negative response in others. It shows that we can find the foods that work with our physiology instead of against it. We have never had an opportunity like this, as our previous efforts, although well intentioned, have lacked the precision we now have with this new approach to eating called Personalized Nutrition. Personalized Nutrition, in practical terms, means that you will be able to test specific foods in order to determine which work for your weight loss and health journey. Personalized Nutrition allows us to use ­big-­picture concepts like the Paleo diet to get going in a good direction, but then we can "map" exactly which foods are best (or worst) for us. You'll discover that there may be "bad" foods you've been avoiding for years, like rice or potatoes, that...

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