For Publishers
Submitting a book cover image

Book cover images are very important in helping our customers become more familiar with your product. Book cover image files sent to should have the following attributes:

  • Resolution of 72 dpi
  • Image size of 400 pixels in the longest dimension (height or width). Larger images will be accepted. View an example.
  • Image saved in jpg format and have the ".jpg" file extension.
  • File named according to the ISBN of the item. Sample 0000000000.jpg.
  • Flat scan of front cover only. No shadow, border, or space around image.
  • Image should have no rotation; the top edge of the product should be at the top of the image.
  • Image should not be a stand-up product-display photo or part of a collage.

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Submitting additional content

Other elements of descriptive and sample material may be submitted in a text file in the following format.

  • ISBN: This is a required field. Indicate the 10 character ISBN with no hyphens. If the last digit is an "X," please capitalize the letter.
  • DESCRIPTION: Please provide a brief description of the book here. Descriptions containing any hyperlinks will be rejected. Please do not include any HTML tags.
  • EXCERPT: Give our customers a sample of what they will find in this book.
  • TOC: You may provide a simple list of chapters or other elements included in a work. List each item on a line by itself. Do not include bullet points, page numbers, or any formatting information.
  • REVIEW: Repeat this field for multiple citations from reviews. Include the source at the end in parentheses along with the source and date.
  • AUTHORBIO: Tell our customers about the author(s) of this work.

Sample Record:

  • ISBN: 123456789X
  • DESCRIPTION: Running Home is the third in the Chesterfield Ballpark Series. Find out what happens to Bobby, Alex, and Petie as they go up against arch-rivals The Boomtown Brutes in a game full of surprises.
  • EXCERPT: Text of excerpt here.
  • TOC: Introduction
  • Chapter One: The Big Day
  • Chapter Two: Going to the Park
  • Chapter Three: Bobby Takes the Mound
  • Chapter Four: The Last Pitch
  • Chapter Five: Victory at Last
  • REVIEW: A breakthrough work for an up and coming author! (BookPoint, 2001)
  • REVIEW: Another home run! (Readers Weekly, 2001)
  • AUTHORBIO: John Jones resides in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife Suzanne and two sons Jack and Charlie. His love for youth baseball is only surpassed by his enjoyment of writing for his young readers.

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Submitting an author photo

Submit an author photo for our use with an author biography to help our customers know more about the creator of the work. Follow these specifications for submitting an author photo:

  • Image resolution should be 72 dpi.
  • Image should be at least 100 pixels wide.
  • Image should be saved in the jpg file format.
  • Name files with the with the author's name and the extension ".jpg." Use this order for the name: "lastname.firstname.initial.jpg" Sample: public.john.q.jpg
  • Image should not include a border or any special formatting.
  • Image should not include anything besides the author's image.

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ONIX format

We also accept all assets in the ONIX Format created by the Book Industry Study Group. More information on this XML format is available from BISG.ORG. If you would like to get help in using this format, we recommend that you contact a service firm such as

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Please send corrections by email to Include the ISBN, the title, and the correction in the body of your email. Please put the word "Correction" on the subject line of your email.

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Submitting a title for consideration

At this time, we only feature titles carried by one of our distributors. They are:

American Wholesale Book Company (205) 956-4151
Ingram Book Company (800) 937-8000
Baker & Taylor (800) 775-1100

If your titles are carried by one of these distributors, please feel free to send or email the information to the attention of:

Director of Merchandising
P.O. Box 19728
Birmingham, AL 35219

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