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03/30 DEBUT AUTHORS Products
02/17 NEW TEEN Products
 The Cellar (Paperback)
 The Ruby Circle (Hardcover)
 Red Queen (Hardcover)
 Vanishing Girls (Hardcover)
 Breaking Sky (Hardcover)
 The 5th Wave (Paperback)
 Ensnared (Hardcover)
 The Duff (Paperback)
 Seeker (Hardcover)
 All the Bright Places (Hardcover)
 Dove Arising (Hardcover)
 Fairest (Hardcover)
 The Sin Eater's Daughter (Hardcover)
 The Last Time We Say Goodbye (Hardcover)
 A Wicked Thing (Hardcover)
 Salt & Stone (Hardcover)
 Better Than Perfect (Hardcover)
 Invaded (an Alienated Novel) (Hardcover)
 Unleashed (Hardcover)
 I Remember You (Hardcover)
 Embassy Row #1 (Hardcover)
 Geek Girl (Hardcover)
 My Heart and Other Black Holes (Hardcover)
 The Conspiracy of Us (Hardcover)
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03/30 NEW & BESTSELLING Products
 Instinct (Hardcover)
 The Haunting of Sunshine Girl (Hardcover)
 The Wicked Will Rise (Hardcover)
 King (Hardcover)
 Paper Towns (Paperback)
 The Maze Runner (Paperback)
 Black Dove, White Raven (Hardcover)
 Eleanor & Park (Hardcover)
 Fairest (Hardcover)
 Fairest (Hardcover)
 Insurgent - BAM Exclusive Edition (Paperback)
 The Winner's Crime (Hardcover)
 The Orphan Queen (Hardcover)
 The Last Time We Say Goodbye (Hardcover)
 The Last Time We Say Goodbye (Hardcover)
 Vanishing Girls (Hardcover)
 Vanishing Girls (Hardcover)
 Read Between the Lines (Hardcover)
 The Ruby Circle (Hardcover)
 The Ruby Circle (Hardcover)
 Shadow Scale (Hardcover)
 Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Paperback)
 Half Wild (Hardcover)
 Ash (Hardcover)
 The Cemetery Boys (Hardcover)
 Miss Mayhem (Hardcover)
 Fig (Hardcover)
 Palace of Lies (Hardcover)
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Looking For Alaska the 10th Anniversary Edition by John Green
Funko Figures
Fairest : The Lunar Chronicles: Levana's Story by Marrissa Meyer
Series to Read on Spring Break

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03/30 SPRING BREAK Products
 The Young Elites (Hardcover)
 Talon (Hardcover)
 Four (Hardcover)
 Redeemed (Hardcover)
 The Shadow Cabinet (Hardcover)
 Where She Went (Paperback)
 The Retribution of Mara Dyer (Hardcover)
 The Infinite Sea (Hardcover)
 Firefight (Hardcover)
 Atlantia (Hardcover)
 Embassy Row #1 (Hardcover)
 Embassy Row #1 (Hardcover)
 Allegiant (Hardcover)
 Salt & Stone (Hardcover)
 Salt & Stone (Hardcover)
 The Blood of Olympus (Hardcover)
 A Thousand Pieces of You (Hardcover)
 Waterfire Saga, Book Two (Hardcover)
 I Was Here (Hardcover)
 The Glass Arrow (Hardcover)
 Dead of Winter (Hardcover)
 Golden Son (Hardcover)
 Ensnared (Hardcover)
 Ensnared (Hardcover)
 City of Heavenly Fire (Hardcover)
 Reborn (Hardcover)
 The Darkest Part of the Forest (Hardcover)
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