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9/25 NEW FOR TEENS Products
 The Infinite Sea (Hardcover)
 Afterworlds (Hardcover)
 The Jewel (Hardcover)
 Hunt for Jade Dragon (Hardcover)
 I'll Give You the Sun (Hardcover)
 Silver Shadows (Hardcover)
 Skink No Surrender (Hardcover)
 Messenger of Fear (Hardcover)
 Salt & Storm (Hardcover)
 On a Clear Day (Hardcover)
 Egg & Spoon (Hardcover)
 Unmade (Hardcover)
 Heir of Fire (Hardcover)
 The Revenge of Seven (Hardcover)
 Deliverance (Hardcover)
 Rumble (Hardcover)
 Made for You (Hardcover)
 Found (Hardcover)
 Zac and MIA (Hardcover)
 Let's Get Lost (Hardcover)
 Falling Into Place (Hardcover)
 We Were Liars (Hardcover)
 Isla and the Happily Ever After (Hardcover)
 Four (Hardcover)
 Destined for Doon (Hardcover)
 Anatomy of a Misfit (Hardcover)
 The Winter People (Hardcover)
 The Kiss of Deception (Hardcover)
 Illusions of Fate (Hardcover)
 Kalona's Fall (Hardcover)
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9/26 UPCOMING TEEN Products
 The Young Elites (Hardcover)
 Lies We Tell Ourselves (Hardcover)
 Black Ice (Hardcover)
 Belzhar (Hardcover)
 Confessions (Hardcover)
 Endgame (Hardcover)
 Whisper the Dead (Hardcover)
 The Queen of Zombie Hearts (Hardcover)
 Emergent (a Beta Novel) (Hardcover)
 The Invisible (Hardcover)
 Compulsion (Hardcover)
 Kiss Kill Vanish (Hardcover)
 Love and Other Unknown Variables (Hardcover)
 The Bane Chronicles (Hardcover)
 The Giver Quartet Boxed Set (Hardcover)
 Clariel  (Hardcover)
 Clariel (Hardcover)
 Redeemed (Hardcover)
 Redeemed (Hardcover)
 The Good Sister (Hardcover)
 Undivided (Hardcover)
 Atlantia (Hardcover)
 The Retribution of Mara Dyer (Hardcover)
 In the Afterlight (Hardcover)
 The Walled City (Hardcover)
 Maximum Ride Forever (Hardcover)
 The Lost (Hardcover)
 We Should Hang Out Sometime (Hardcover)
 Mortal Heart (Hardcover)
 Firefight (Hardcover)
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Four By Veronica Roth
Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo
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