Affiliate Program FAQ
What is the Affiliate Program? Who may become an Affiliate?

The Affiliate Program is a partnership between and its Affiliates; one can link to on his or her website and make money from sales made through that link. Anyone may become an Affiliate, though we will reject sites with objectionable content.

Is there any cost to become an Affiliate?

No. There are no fees associated with becoming a Affiliate.

Can I place links to specific products on my site?

Yes. In fact, we have seen that presenting a particular product can be the most effective way to increase your sales as a Affiliate. Go to the Link Instructions section for more information on how to set up links to specific products.

Can I list item prices? offers deep discounts and consistently offers the best prices among leading online booksellers. Therefore, we encourage affiliates to publicize our price as a selling point, especially in the context of price comparisons.

Be aware, however, that discounts will vary when items are added or removed from bestseller lists and feature pages. Our database is updated frequently and prices will fluctuate without notice. If you choose to promote prices, you must keep your site current to ensure that correct pricing information is shown. The most current price will always be shown on the site.

Can my organization become an Affiliate to raise money?

Yes. Any organization or entity with a website may become an Affiliate. Being a Affiliate is a great way to raise money for trips, events, and other activities. You can offer the site to organization members as an additional way to give to the organization.

Who is Commission Junction?

We have partnered with this independent affiliate company to track your sales and commissions. We are proud to offer their excellent services to all Affiliates, and you can trust that your sales totals are accurate and your commissions are paid in a timely manner. To learn more, please go to Commission Junction.

Will you help me set up my Affiliation?

Yes. With our simple Affiliate Program Application, you probably won't need much help, but our help desk is only a few clicks away and ready to assist.

What makes a successful storefront?

Please refer to the Marketing Tips section for tips on how to be most effective as an Affiliate. Once you sign up as an Affiliate, you will have access to more marketing tips through your member page at Commission Junction.

Can I change what products I offer?

Yes. You may change the number and selection of products offered through your site as often as you like. You can also vary your choice of banner and button images to keep the appearance of your site fresh.

When will I receive my commission?

For the United States dollar, the minimum for direct deposit is $50. The minimum for paper checks is $100.

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