Affiliate Program Affiliate Program Overview - APPLY NOW!

Earn money with your website! The Affiliate Program allows you to generate revenue by placing banners and links on your site. When a visitor clicks a link on your site:

-- you earn up to a 5% commission on that visitor's purchase

-- if a visitor has come from your site and purchases anytime within the next 30 days, you earn up to a 5% commission on that purchase as well

With's Affiliate Program, you gain the financial benefits of selling online without the cost and trouble of keeping track of inventory, processing orders, and shipping packages; will take care of all of that for you!

Our affiliate program is free and is open to websites of all sizes, from small personal sites to large business and organization sites.

Best of all, because is dedicated to offering great prices and superior customer service, you'll be confident you're providing good value to your visitors.

Affiliate Program Application - APPLY NOW


You add value to your site when you point your visitors to useful resources! Your visitors will love what has to offer them, and you'll love generating revenue!

If you're an author, you can make it easy for your fans to purchase what you've written by providing them links to your books at

If you're a publisher or book reviewer, you can make it easy for your readers to purchase the books you've reviewed by linking to

Earn Money!

You will be paid up to a 5% commission on sales that are generated from the links on your site. If a visitor has come from your site and purchases anytime within the next 30 days, you earn up to a 5% commission on that purchase as well.

Independent Third Party Tracks Your Sales and Commissions

You can trust that your sales totals are accurate and your commissions are paid in a timely manner. Our affiliate program is administered by Commission Junction, an independent company that leads the affiliate management industry. Commission Junction's state-of-the-art tracking system gives you 24-hour access to your sales results.

How the Affiliate Program Works

It's easy! After you've registered as an Affiliate, you'll place code in the pages of your web site to display text or banner links (it's your choice!) to The links will contain an account code unique to you to ensure that you get credit for sales that are generated by your site. When a visitor clicks a link and makes a purchase on our site, Commission Junction tracks your code and calculates your commission.

Getting Started!

Get started with the Affiliate Program in just minutes! Here's a list of things you'll need to do:

1. Review the Affiliate Program Operating Agreement.

2. Complete the Online Application on the Commission Junction site.

3. Choose the text or banner links you want to place on your website. Copy their code... the code's already written and customized for your personal account number.

4. Paste the customized code on the pages of your site or blog where you want the link or banner to appear.

5. Wait for people to visit your site and click on your links. Start earning money!

Affiliate Resources

We've compiled resources we encourage you to utilize so you can maximize your revenue potential with! Click the links below to learn more about the Affiliate Program.

-- Marketing Tips

-- Linking Instructions

-- Frequently Asked Questions

-- Operating Agreement

-- Affiliate Program Help