Affiliate Program Marketing Tips

There are no limits to the amount of money you can earn through the Affiliate Program. We at view our Affiliates as partners, and we want to help you succeed! This section offers tips on how you can make more money by maximizing the opportunities available with the Affiliate Program. Choose the tips that are most appropriate for your web site.

Feature your text and banner links prominently!

Make it easy for visitors to your website to find your links. Include them on the main pages of your site as well as additional pages.

Support your links with descriptive text and recommendations.

Visitors are more likely to buy an item if you recommend it or explain why you think they'll enjoy it.

Feature items that match your visitors' interests.

Recommend items that directly relate to the most popular topics on your site.

Use our product feed.

Take advantage of this powerful tool! It updates automatically and can be generated to match your visitors' interests. Get more information about utilizing product feeds through Commission Junction here.

Searchable banners.

These banners allow your visitors to find books and other products. Here's how to utilize them:

1) Go to the "Get Links" area of Commission Junction and select the Advanced Links category.

2) Select an interactive, advanced banner for your site.

3) Select "Get HTML," and copy and paste the custom HTML provided by Commission Junction.

Use our promotions.

Take advantage of our seasonal promotions and featured items.

-- Visit regularly to see what items, holidays and topics are being featured, and tie in your own promotions accordingly.

-- Visit on Commission Junction. We update our creative regularly. Look for our new promotions, and make sure they're updated on your site!

A picture's worth a thousand words!

You'll make your presentation much stronger and more interesting by including images of specific products. Images are included in our product feed.

Link to individual products.

We've written instructions on how to set up links to specific products. Once you've joined our Affiliate Program, please see our Link Instructions page for further information.

Don't be shy!

Tell friends and family to use your site to get products they want. Many people are glad to shop somewhere if they know their business benefits someone they know. Use social media and other resources to spread the word!

Utilize Commission Junction.

Utilize the resources of our Affiliate Program partner, Commission Junction. After participating as an Affiliate for a few months, view your site statistics at Commission Junction to determine which of your links are performing best for your site. Then use more of that type of link.