Ship To Multiple Addresses

The "Ship To Multiple Addresses" option allows you to place multiple orders with just one trip through the checkout process. This is especially useful when you wish to send gifts to a variety of people at different addresses. Assemble all of your merchandise into your shopping cart before you click "Check Out."

Here's how it works:

1) Click "Ship To Multiple Addresses"
After you Sign In (first-time customers will also need to enter a shipping address and credit card billing information), you'll advance to the Review page. If you want the items in your order delivered to more than one address, click the "Ship To Multiple Addresses" button.

2) Select an address for each item in your cart.
Your shopping cart will be displayed in expanded format, offering an address selection menu next to each item. Choose the desired delivery address for each item, and then click "Continue Checkout." (Note: The address selection menu won't appear for gift certificates and magazine subscriptions because you specify the delivery address for those items before you add them to the cart.)

3) Review the Order Details and select a Shipping Method for each address.
After choosing the delivery addresses, you'll return to an expanded Review page. Here you'll see the items separated into a separate order for each address. You may choose the shipping method and set gift wrap options for each address. To complete the purchase, review the payment options and finally click "Submit This Order."

Questions and Answers about Shipping to Multiple Addresses

How can I send the same book to several people?
Set the quantity to the appropriate number before clicking "Ship To Multiple Addresses." For example, if you'd like to send James Patterson's latest novel to four people, set the Quantity in your shopping cart to 4. When you click "Ship To Multiple Addresses," the book will appear in your cart four separate times. You'll be able to choose the shipping address for each book. If you want one person to receive two copies, choose that person's address twice.

If my order is sent to several addresses, what is the charge for shipping?
When you divide your order into multiple shipping addresses, the per order shipping amount will apply to each address.

How do I enter more shipping addresses?
If you've already established an account on, sign into "My Account" and enter more addresses to your address book prior to placing items in your shopping cart. If you've already started shopping, you may enter new addresses at several points during the checkout process. Just look for the "Enter A New Address" button.

I'm purchasing many items as business gifts. How many items will my shopping cart hold?
You may use the multiple shipping address option with up to 100 items in your shopping cart. However, if your order gets too large, your web browser will likely have problems processing the shopping cart's large amounts of data. If you need a greater quantity, simply place another order. You may also consider using the services of our Business Services Department. View the Business Services information page for more information on our bulk ordering services.

I'm sending items as a gift. Will the recipient see the price I paid?
Click "Choose My Gift Options" and designate that your order is a gift. Gift orders receive an alternate packing slip that does not display prices. You may also enter a brief gift message that will appear on the packing slip. We now offer Video Gift Messages, record yours today!