Search Tips
Search tips

You'll find a search box at the top of every page on Enter one or more words in the search box, then click "Search." For more precise results, you may narrow your search to a specific product category. Here are some search categories and some suggested terms to get the best results:
All Products: Enter one or more keywords to search all of
Books: Enter all or part of a book title, author name, or ISBN.
Music: Enter all or part of an artist name, album title, or genre.
Movies: Enter all or part of a movie title, actor/actress name, or genre.
Magazines: Enter all or part of a magazine title or subject.

Refine your search

When your search generates a large number of potential matches, narrow your search by clicking on one or more of the options listed under "Refine Your Search," which is found to the right of your search results. These options help you reduce the number of results and allow you to find exactly what you want. Your refinement options may include Author, Subject, Series, Availability, Format, Price Range, Release Date or Language. For example, if you click "Hardcover" from the Format list, your search will display only items with a hardcover binding. You can click several of these options to continue reducing the number of matches. If your search becomes too narrow, you can expand your search to once again see more results. Click the "Remove" button next to any search element to remove that restriction from your current search.

Sort your search results

After performing a search, you can choose to sort your search results in several ways. Simply select an option from the Sort By menu and click "Go." The sort options are:

  • Bestselling
  • Best Matches
  • Release Date
  • Alphabetical
  • Price (Low to High)
  • Price (High to Low)

Search suggestions

Here are some search suggestions that will help you find the books, music, and movies that you want on
- You may list words in any order. - If you're unsure of the complete title, enter any known words in any combination. For example, if you are searching for Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt, entering "ashes frank" will return the correct title. - Avoid using common words such as "a," "an," or "the." - The search is not case sensitive, so "BooksAMillion" and "booksamillion" are the same. - The search will attempt to correct misspelled words, either by automatically correcting the word or suggesting alternatives.

Browse by category

To locate items on a particular subject, you can click the Browse Categories link in the navigation menu. This will allow you to view a list of major subject categories. Click a category to view suggested items for that subject plus a list of options to refine your search.