Amanda My secret erotic stories of sex! (4 books in 1book) Collection 1|Amanda Terry Cox
Amanda My secret erotic stories of sex! (4 books in 1book) Collection 1 : - BDSM Erotic -Erotcia Novels - Eroctic Adult - Errotic Romance Novels - Erot
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To those who do not know meHi, my name is Amanda and I live in L.A. I'm 38 years old. I've always had a passion for writing, but between us, I didn't used to know what to write. I've been working for about 10 years in the security field of a large shopping mall. One day, while I was at work, a beautiful woman approached me. I couldn't resist her, and we ended up having sex in the bathroom... Shortly after fucking her, I thought, "That's it. I 'm going to combine two of my passions. I'll write erotica " Well, on the pages to follow, you'll find a selection of my spicy stories Follow me... Brunette in the BathroomIt makes sense to start with the story that inspired me to write.It was a quiet Monday afternoon and several of us security staff were feeling surplus to requirements. Whilst it was true that you never really know what's going to happen, we were all pretty confident that security threats were minimal that day. Children (and teenagers ) were in school, the weather was grim and, besides having to keep our eye on a couple of suspicious drug-addicted folk, we'd had very little to do. I was standing in the entrance to 'Boots', inhaling the women's fragrances that dominated the shop, when I spotted her. Assuming that she was just about to leave the shop, I tried not to stare at her too obviously as I admired her looks. She had long, brown, wavy hair that almost reached her ass. Her breasts were full and perky and the outline of her nipples poked through her tight, red t-shirt. She wore a short, black skirt and fishnet tights. Her lips were the colour of her t-shirt and she had high-heeled shoes to match. As she walked towards me, I became aware that she was smiling. I smiled politely back, aware that my eyes were filled with lust. Having expected her to walk straight past me, I was surprised when she stopped right next to me. Standing in the entrance to the shop beside me, she looked me up and down. "Hi," she said, smiling as she spoke and allowing her face to rest in a smile. "Hi," I said back. I was also smiling, but trying to look stern. As sexy as she was, this might be a security trick. I was on duty and had to remain a little professional. I looked around. There was another security member in the shop. He shrugged at me. There was no threat. She wasn't trying to distract me from a friend of hers. Nobody was with her, stealing anything. I relaxed a little. "I like your uniform," she said. I looked down at myself. Like the other security staff, I wore dark blue, black shoes, a light blue shirt with security details on the shoulders and chest and a dark blue tie. It was a manly uniform, but I liked it. Despite the poor weather, it was a hot day, so I didn't wear a jacket. "It does the trick," I said. My breath was shallow and my stomach rushed with arousal. She looked me up and down again and licked her lips, as though she knew. "I'm Sharon," she told me. "Amanda," I replied. "Nice name," we both said at the same time. We laughed, then she leant over and whispered into my ear. My eyes widened. "Pardon?" I said. I wasn't sure if I'd heard her correctly. I certainly didn't want to assume she'd said that, if she'd in fact said something different. She smirked at me, leant over and repeated herself. "Fuck me right now."---Sharon licked her lips again and stared directly into my eyes. I knew I hadn't misheard her. I looked behind me, into the shop. My friend/colleague was still in there, not looking in our direction any more. He didn't need me, I thought. I started to walk towards the nearby disabled toilet. Sharon followed me. I walked inside with the kind of confidence that prevents people from noticing you're doing anything unusual. I closed the door behind us both and locked it. Sharon was immediately on her knees...

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  • ISBN-13: 9781687562395
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  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publish Date: August 2019
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