Maleficent|Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning
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Robert Stromberg's MALEFICENT stars Angelina Jolie stars as the title character, who, as a teenager, is a powerful and respected winged fairy helping to rule a magical land full of strange creatures. Her homeland borders a country that is populated by humans and run by the cruel King Henry (Kenneth Cranham). One day, a farm boy named Stefan (Jackson Bews) traipses into the fairy's land and meets Maleficent, causing the two crazy teens to fall into forbidden love. Year later, Henry seeks to take over the magical land next to his kingdom, but is thwarted in battle by Maleficent. Eager for revenge, he offers his daughter's hand in marriage to whoever can stop the fairy, and the now-grown Stefan (played as an adult by Sharlto Copley) succeeds by betraying her and clipping her wings. In response, an infuriated Maleficent swears revenge on Stefan; she gets her chance when he becomes king himself and has his first child, a daughter named Aurora (Elle Fanning) -- as SLEEPING BEAUTY fans will remember, Maleficent curses her to fall into a death-like sleep after pricking her finger on a spinning wheel on her 16th birthday. Stefan demands that all of the spinning wheels be collected, and orders his daughter to be secretly raised in the woods by three good-hearted but dim-witted fairies, who will return her to him the day after her 16th birthday. However, Maleficent refuses to stay away from Aurora and ends up developing maternal feelings for the girl, eventually inspiring her to try to undo the curse she placed upon the princess.


Main Cast & Crew:
Robert Stromberg - Director
Angelina Jolie
Elle Fanning
Juno Temple
Sharlto Copley
Peter Capaldi
Brenton Thwaites
Ella Purnell
Imelda Staunton
Sam Riley
Hannah New


    DVD Format
  • Format: DVD
  • Run Time: 97
  • Color Format: Color
  • UPC: 786936827903
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Rating: PG (MPAA) (sequences of fantasy action and violence, including frightening images)
  • Release Date: November 2014

"Jolie's at her best when she's curling her claws and elongating her vowels..." - 05/29/2014 Entertainment Weekly

"[Ms. Jolie is] a formidable presence -- with heightened cheekbones that sweep up into her ears like the speed lines on a sports car, and green vapors rising from her shoulders..." - 05/29/2014 Wall Street Journal

"Angelina Jolie makes a fabulous monster." New York Times

"[V]isually arresting, brilliantly designed....Boasting an impressive and impeccably costumed Angelina Jolie in the title role..." - 05/28/2014 Variety

"The scenery is vividly rendered, with tree creatures reminiscent of THE LORD OF THE RINGS..." - 05/29/2014 USA Today

3 stars out of 4 -- "Jolie has never gotten the credit she deserves as both an old-fashioned glamorous movie star and a skilled, thoughtful actress; this part fuses both sides of her talent." - 05/29/2014

"Angelina Jolie doesn’t chew the estimable scenery in MALEFICENT -- she infuses it, wielding a magnetic and effortless power as the magnificently malevolent fairy who places a curse on a newborn princess." - 05/28/2014 Hollywood Reporter

4 stars out of 5 -- "Jolie manages that effortlessly, oozing screen presence the way her character emits magical green vapours. She also pours genuine emotion into this tale..." - 05/28/2014 Total Film

"Watching Jolie pose and smolder and glower is the chief attraction of MALEFICENT." - 05/29/2014 Washington Post