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Couple Therapy Workbook : Steps of Emotionally Focused Therapy, Relationship Communication Cure & Conflict Resolution Skills. How to Improve Com
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Have you and your partner been having difficulties that make it hard to get the most out of the time that you're spending together? Does it seem that you're largely unable to have a relaxing and loving relationship with your partner? Having troubles with conflict resolution, having troubles with understanding the viewpoint and difficulties of your partner, and having difficulty with intimacy can make everything about a relationship feel like it might not be worth the trouble.

Couples' therapy is something you've undoubtedly heard about from television, movies, and books. Many people think that attending couples' therapy is a signal that the relationship is already over, that there is no turning back and that, if you're having enough trouble to warrant therapy, that there is no viability to the relationship.

Couples' Therapy Workbook is here to show you that that is not true. Couples can grapple with a lot of difficulties when getting a feel for how to work and get along with one another to create a harmonious life together. The great news is that there is nothing wrong with having trouble with that. There are solutions that can be reached through effective communication, through enhanced intimacy, and through an understanding of one another's goals, concerns, difficulties, and strengths.

Loving one another is easy but being on the same page with one another can help you to reach your goals and to encourage one another to have the healthiest, most beneficial life possible. Showing your love through effective communication and intimacy is the most effective way possible for you to hold onto the person who makes you happiest in life.

Couples' therapy and the exercises that come along with it can help you to reach that common ground of understanding, can help you to get your goals straight with one another and can help you to work together to achieve them. Intimacy is something that can often get lost in the fray of a relationship. When you're both working so hard to keep one another happy without knowing where the problems lay, intimacy can seem to take a back seat or can seem like it's secondary to everything else that's going on.

In Couples' Therapy Workbook, you will find exercises and information that will help you to understand your partner, to reach a mutual understanding with your partner, and to behave in a way that truly shows that you are partners in life, in communication, in intimacy, in love, and in mutual prosperity in life. All these things and more are possible, and this book will show you exactly what you need to do.

That's why this book will bring you:

  • The reasons and mechanisms behind your struggles with communication
  • The reasons why your lack of communication is controlling you and not vice versa, and how to change that
  • Clinically proven techniques to get you through daily difficulties
  • The tools to live a life free of conflict and attrition
  • Better control over your communication with your partner, in spite of the things that may go wrong around you
  • What it means to cultivate and strengthen intimacy and meaningful communication with your partner
  • The reasons and mechanisms behind your struggles with intimacy
  • So much more

Surely My Relationship is Bad Enough That My Partner and I Should Call it Quits

Even if your relationship has left you feeling like there is no hope for you and your partner, the techniques and information in this book can bring your relationship back to life. Experience the excitement about your mutual goals and desires again, experience conflict resolution and effective communication without the fear and pressure. Download this book today and take control of your relationship's future.

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This item is Non-Returnable


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  • Publish Date: October 2019
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