The Legacy 1961-2017
Glen Campbell

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Track Listing

1 Turn Around, Look at Me
2 Kentucky Means Paradise - (featuring Dale Fitzsimmons/Carl Tandberg/Donald Frost/Glen Campbell/James
3 Too Late to Worry: Too Blue to Cry - (featuring Carl Tandberg/Donald Frost/William Strange/Allan Reu
4 Universal Soldier - (featuring Don Randi/Hal Blaine/Michael Spencer/William Strange/Larry Knechtel/T
5 Guess I'm Dumb - (featuring Roy Caton/Jerry "Jerry Cole" Kolbrak/Frank Capp/Hal Blaine/Steve Douglas
6 Burning Bridges - (featuring Dennis Budimir/Hal Blaine/Larry Knechtel/Pete Jolly/Al Casey)
7 Just to Satisfy You - (featuring Dennis Budimir/Hal Blaine/Larry Knechtel/Pete Jolly/Al Casey)
8 Less of Me - (featuring Leon Russell/Hb/Joe Osborn/Bob Morris)
9 Gentle on My Mind - (featuring Doug Dillard/James Burton/Jim Gordon/Joe Osborn)
10 Crying - (featuring Jim Gordon/Joe Osborn)
11 By the Time I Get to Phoenix - (featuring Jim Gordon/Joe Osborn)
12 Tomorrow Never Comes - (featuring Carl Tandberg/Donald Frost/William Strange/Allan Reuss)
13 Hey Little One - (featuring David Duke/Jim Gordon/Joe Osborn/Al Casey)
14 I Wanna Live - (featuring Bob Felts/Earl Palmer/Joe Osborn/Al Casey)
15 Turn Around, Look at Me - (featuring Bob Felts/Earl Palmer/Al Casey)
16 Legend of Bonnie and Clyde, The - (featuring Bob Felts/Jim Gordon/John Hartford/Joe Osborn/Al Casey)
17 Let It Be Me - (featuring Dennis McCarthy/Hal Blaine/Joe Osborn/Al Casey)
18 Scarborough Fair/Canticle - (featuring Dennis McCarthy/Hal Blaine/Joe Osborn/Al Casey)
19 Wichita Lineman - (featuring Don Bagley/James Burton/Jim Gordon/Al Casey/Carol Kaye)
20 Dreams of the Everyday Housewife - (featuring Dennis McCarthy/Earl Debeau/Bob Felts/Hal Blaine/Joe O
21 Reason to Believe - (featuring Bob Felts/Hal Blaine/Ray Pohlman/Al Casey)
1 Galveston - (featuring Dennis McCarthy/Bob Felts/Hal Blaine/Joe Osborn/Al Casey)
2 Where's the Playground Susie - (featuring Dennis McCarthy/Bob Felts/Hal Blaine/Joe Osborn/Al Casey)
3 If This Is Love - (featuring Dennis McCarthy/Bob Felts/Hal Blaine/Joe Osborn/Al Casey)
4 True Grit - (featuring Dennis Budimir/Dennis McCarthy/Bob Felts/Gene Estes/Jim Gordon/Max Bennett/Ne
5 Try a Little Kindness
6 Honey, Come Back
7 One Pair of Hands
8 All I Have to Do Is Dream
9 Everything a Man Could Ever Need
10 It's Only Make Believe
11 Pave Your Way Into Tomorrow
12 MacArthur Park
13 Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)
14 Last Time I Saw Her, The - (featuring Larry McNeely/Hal Blaine/Louie Shelton/Carol Kaye)
15 I Say a Little Prayer/By the Time I Get to Phoenix
16 Last Thing on My Mind, The
17 I Knew Jesus (Before He Was a Star) - (featuring Josephine Dapar/A. T. Bartold/Hal Blaine/James Burt
18 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - (featuring Alan Estes/Assa Drori/James Getzoff/Armand Kaproff/Ronald F
19 Houston (I'm Comin' to See You) - (featuring David Paich/Donnie Lanier/Hal Blaine/Weldon Parks/Marty
20 Bonaparte's Retreat
21 Moon's a Harsh Mistress, The
1 Rhinestone Cowboy - (featuring David Paich/Dean Parks/Dennis Lambert/Josephine Dapar/Berwyn Linton/E
2 Country Boy (You Got Your Feet in L.A.) - (featuring Dennis Lambert/Jon Edwards/George Bohanon/Micha
3 Arkansas - (featuring Dennis Budimir/Dennis McCarthy/Bob Felts/Gene Estes/Jim Gordon/Max Bennett/Nei
4 Medley: Don't Pull Your Love/Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - (featuring Dennis Lambert/Doug Dillard/E
5 Southern Nights - (featuring Bill McCubbin/David Paich/Dennis McCarthy/George Green/Catherine Gottho
6 Sunflower
7 God Only Knows - (featuring Bill McCubbin/David Paich/Dennis McCarthy/George Green/Catherine Gotthof
8 I'm Gonna Love You - (featuring Craig Fall/Bill McCubbin/Ed Greene/Fred Tackett/Carl Jackson/Michael
9 Can You Fool - (featuring Ed Greene/Fred Tackett/Carl Jackson)
10 Highwayman - (featuring Craig Fall/Ed Greene/Jimmy Webb/Fred Tackett/William Turner/Carl Jackson/Mic
11 Somethin' 'Bout You Baby I Like - (featuring T.J. Kuenster/Dean Parks/Jai Winding/Neil Stubenhaus/St
12 Any Which Way You Can - (featuring Billy Joe Walker, Jr./Bill McCubbin/Larry Byron/Steve Turner/Fred
13 I Was Too Busy Loving You - (featuring Craig Fall/T.J. Kuenster/Kim Darigan/Steve Turner/Larry Muhob
14 Faithless Love - (featuring David Briggs/Kenneth Bell/Brent Howan/Jerry Douglas/Larry Paxton/Paul Wo
15 Lady Like You, A - (featuring David Briggs/Kenneth Bell/Brent Howan/Jerry Douglas/Larry Paxton/Paul
16 Hand That Rocks the Cradle, The - (featuring Billy Joe Walker, Jr./Craig Fall/T.J. Kuenster/David Hu
17 I Have You - (featuring Billy Joe Walker, Jr./Craig Fall/T.J. Kuenster/David Hungate/Larry Byrom/Mar
18 If These Walls Could Speak - (featuring Billy Joe Walker, Jr./T.J. Kuenster/David Hungate/Gail Davie
19 Unconditional Love - (featuring James Stroud/Larry Byrom/Larry Knechtel/Michael Rhodes/Pat Flynn/Pau
20 She's Gone, Gone, Gone - (featuring Billy Joe Walker, Jr./David Hungate/James Stroud/Michael Rhodes/
21 Show Me Your Way - (featuring Dann Huff/David Hungate/Gary Lunn/Phil Naish/Shane Keister/Tom Hemby/P
22 Only One Life - (featuring Tom Wilson/Gary Lunn/Lonnie Wilson/Mark Casstevens/Shane Keister/Tom Hemb
23 Somebody Like That - (featuring John Neel/Bob Mason/Gary Lunn/John Willis/Lonnie Wilson/Matt Rolling
1 You'll Never Walk Alone
2 People Get Ready
3 Amazing Grace
4 Lean on Me
5 Times Like These
6 These Days
7 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
8 Ghost on the Canvas
9 Waiting on the Comin' of My Lord
10 I'm Not Gonna Miss You
11 Everybody's Talkin' - (featuring Ashley Campbell/Mike Johnson/Kevin Grantt/Catherine Marx/Tony Creas
12 It Won't Bring Her Back - (featuring Mike Johnson/Kevin Grantt/Catherine Marx/Tony Creasman/Carl Jac
13 AdiĆ³s - (featuring Mike Johnson/Kevin Grantt/Catherine Marx/Tony Creasman/Carl Jackson)

Featured Artists: Dale Fitzsimmons and Carl Tandberg and Donald Frost and James Burton and Joe Osborn and William Strange and Allan Reuss and Don Randi and Hal Blaine and Michael Spencer and Larry Knechtel and Tommy Tedesco and Roy Caton and Jerry "Jerry Cole" Kolbrak and Frankie Capp and Steve Douglas and Jay Migliori and Jim Horn and Leon Russell and James Bond, Jr. and Michael Henderson and Carol Kaye and Dennis Budimir and Pete Jolly and Al Casey and Hb and Bob Morris and Doug Dillard Band and Jim Gordon and David Duke and Bob Felts and Earl Palmer and John Hartford and Dennis McCarthy and Don Bagley and Earl Debeau and Ray Pohlman and Gene Estes and Max Bennett and Neil Levang and Larry McNeely and Louie Shelton and Josephine Dapar and A. T. Bartold and Robert Ross and Larry Muhobecerac and Alan Estes and Assa Drori and James Getzoff and Armand Kaproff and Ronald Folsom and Claire Hodgkins and David Schwartz and Donnie Lanier and William Kurasch and Raymond Kelley and Louis Kievman and Henry Ferber and Tibor Zelig and Bill C. Graham and Sid Sharp and Gayle Levant and Nathan Ross and Ralph Schaeffer and Jesse Ehrlich and Samuel Boghossian and David Paich and Weldon Parks and Marty Paich and Dean Parks and Dennis Lambert and Berwyn Linton and Edward Greene and Tom Sellers and Gary Coleman and Fred Tackett and Scott Edwards and Ben Benay and Jon Edwards and George Bohanon and Michael Omartian and Ed Greene and Leland Sklar and Bill McCubbin and George Green and Catherine Gotthoffer and Joe Porcaro and Carl Jackson and Michael Smothermann and Craig Fall and Jimmy Webb and William Turner and T.J. Kuenster and Jai Winding and Neil Stubenhaus and Steve Turner and Billy Joe Walker, Jr. and Larry Byron and Jay Dee Maness and David Foster and Kim Darigan and David Paul Briggs and Kenneth Bell and Brent Howan and Jerry Douglas and Larry Paxton and Paul Worley and Shane Keister and Eddie Bayers and Sonny Garrish and Rodger Morris and Blaine Sprouse and Farrell Morris and David Hungate and Larry Byrom and Mark O'Connor and Matt Betton and Mike Lawler and John Jarvis and Gail Davies and Sandy Campbell Brink and Reggie Young and Russ Kunkel and Dave Innis and James Stroud and Michael Rhodes and Pat Flynn and Paul Franklin and Rob Hajacos and Hargus "Pig" Robbins and Brent Rowan and Dann Huff and Gary Lunn and Phil Naish and Tom Hemby and Paul Leim and Carl Marsh and Tom Wilson and Lonnie Wilson and Mark Casstevens and John Neel and Bob Mason and John Willis and Matt Rollings and Stuart Duncan and Weldon Myrick and Steve Gibson and Fletcher Watson and Brent Mason and Ashley Campbell and Mike Johnson and Kevin Grantt and Catherine Marx and Tony Creasman



  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: June 2019
  • Label: Capitol
  • Format: CD
  • Number of Discs: 4
  • Audio Format: Stereo
  • Producer: Mark Copeland (Compilation)

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