How To Become TikTok Famous|Matthew Gumke
How To Become TikTok Famous
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How To Become TikTok FamousWithout Embarrassing YourselfMatthew GumkeIn this book, you'll learn how I'm becoming famous on TikTok. I've successfully gone from 0 to 25,000 followers within 2 weeks using my strategy. It's really easy, anyone could do it and there's no need to embarrass yourself, like what you see many people doing.I'm using this to create more exposure for my personal brand, which I can use to impact more people with my books and businesses. Maybe you want to use it to get famous, it doesn't matter what you use this method for. I believe it's a powerful asset in the 21st century to have a large social media following. Time and time again, we see influencers have more successful businesses than people operating in the background, unless that person had a lot of money to start with anyway.For someone to come up from nothing, having a large presence is almost essential at this stage of the social media game. I think many people will start to spend more time on TIkTok than the main player right now, Instagram, as time goes on. Instagram is so... "look how much better I am than you", and people are sick of it. I like TikTok the most because it's a place that people can be themselves and have fun. By becoming famous before it gets noisy with loads of users, you'll be at an advantage when the users and watch time comes. Who is Matthew Gumke?Matthew Gumke is a 24-year-old Author, Entrepreneur and owner of Gumke University. Gumke University is known for changing the future of education. Unlike many other universities, Gumke University adapts to changes in the marketplace and Gumke University focuses on tangible results, not theories. Gumke University was established to help the students get rich on their own terms, without needing degrees. Matthew Gumke believes his students can improve their health, happiness and quality of relationships, by becoming financially free. Gumke University succeeds when students make money, not when they correctly answer questions about the curriculum. The reality is that some students win, even if they don't know everything in the curriculum and other students lose, even if they know the entire curriculum.At Gumke University, winning is the priority. All training programs are set up in a step by step system that helps the students succeed, not just the owners of the university. If changes in the marketplace occur, the changes are implemented immediately, not in a few years.Matthew Gumke, the owner of Gumke University, is best known for giving away millions of books to introduce people to his education. People try to remind Matthew not to work so much. He even stopped his exotic car tour business, to help more students achieve financial success.When Matthew isn't working, he enjoys learning, traveling the world, relaxing, eating great food and going to the gym.Matthew didn't do well in traditional education. He wanted to become a multi-millionaire and all the teachers he spoke to about it, were struggling financially. Matthew knew that he needed to find better teachers, outside of traditional education. He wanted to get taught by the people at the top, not their employees. In Matthew's pursuit to find the owner of an education company, he found Ekim Kaya, the owner of Kaya Online, the world's largest Amazon training company. Matthew watched Ekim take his business to over 100,000 students. Matthew knew that this was the impact he wanted to create. Matthew started to teach for Kaya Online, having his work translated into multiple languages for Ekim Kaya's 100,000+ students. Within just a few years of learning from Ekim Kaya, Matthew was financially independent. Matthew wants his story to inspire people that no matter the history of their education, no matter how much debt they're in, no matter what their current circumstances, anyone can change the future of their education. Gumke University. The Future of Education.

This item is Non-Returnable


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  • Publish Date: September 2019
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