How to Grow Herbs At Home|Betsy Smith
How to Grow Herbs At Home : Grow a Never-ending Supply of Herbs that Can Improve Everything You Cook and Use for Health
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The book guides the readers from the very basics and beginnings of starting an herb garden till the very end steps of harvesting and preservation. Essentially, everything a home gardener is required to know about herbs and herb gardening is provided in this book.

The author of "How to grow herbs at home: Grow a never ending supply of herbs that you can use your herb scissors on" hopes to intrigue readers and encourage them to try their hand at herb gardening. The author insists that one does not need green fingers to be able to successfully create a thriving herb garden. It only takes common sense, determination and basic knowledge of gardening and herbs to create a beautiful and healthy garden. The book gently guides readers through a multitude of gardening processes and methods, along with important advice, tips and little known tricks. The book aims to fuel the readers creativity and imagination and help them realize that herb gardening does not necessarily have to be hard work. It can be fun, therapeutic and extremely useful in countless ways if done correctly.

The most attractive thing about an herb garden is that it serves more than one purpose. It serves to decorate your house and add a faint fragrance to it; it allows you to get in touch with nature and it also allows you to harvest herbs for innumerable medicinal and culinary purposes. The book is a comprehensive guide, allowing readers to understand all the basics and details of herb gardening without making beginners feel intimidated or discouraged. The chapters in the book are arranged in a manner that is clear and uncomplicated, starting with the basics of gardening and then gradually delving into greater depth.

The author believes that health and nature are two things that are greatly ignored in today's world. Herb gardening is an effective way to get in touch with both. The miraculous healing powers of herbs are well known and home gardeners can create their own powerful medicines with herbs picked from their own backyard. Similarly herbs have been widely used in foods and drinks, even desserts and breads. Imagine baking your own herbal bread or simply creating a sumptuous pesto sauce Herb gardening allows one the freedom to do all this and more.

While store bought herbs can sometimes be expensive; and often not as effective as naturally grown, freshly picked herbs from a herb garden allows the readers to take care of themselves and our families, allowing for a lifestyle that is healthy, happy and active. Readers are encouraged to explore the herbal lifestyle; and as they'll find in this book; doing so need not necessarily be expensive. Those who believe that they do not have enough free time or enough free space to start a garden will find solutions to these problems in the book too. Indeed, the book attempts to answer almost any question a beginner herb gardener will have and at the same time, provides little known knowledge that would be useful to experienced gardeners.

Towards the end, readers are provided a bonus chapter on preserving herbs. There is little point in growing an herb garden if one does not know how to harvest and preserve the herbs for use in the future. The author provides readers with several unbelievably easy methods that'll allow them to efficiently preserve the harvested herbs for several months.

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