Linking Mind and Matter|R. W. Boyer
Linking Mind and Matter : A new perspective for a scientific model that unifies nonlocal mind and local matter
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With concise non-technical descriptions of physical, quantum, and unified field theories--and subtler insights into spacetime as levels of nature to thread them together--a whole new perspective that links mind and matter is introduced. For the first time in modern science, a logically consistent picture is presented of how your arm for example can be guided by your mind. Tacit assumptions are made explicit in a profoundly integrating analysis of how mind and matter interact. Ancient views such as the holistic Vedic model that have long focused on integrating subjective and objective are shown to be consistent with cutting edge unified field theory. Systematic means are described for empirical validation of unity in a holistic approach that can avert the danger of reductive materialistic technologies on the verge of creating a 'posthuman era' and placing at risk our most fundamental ability to evolve in tune with nature. This short book shows how to 'connect the dots' into a rational, holistic model of consciousness, mind, and matter. It is a remarkable advance in refining and integrating our scientific understanding of ultimate unity--a genuine tour de force.

This item is Non-Returnable


  • ISBN-13: 9781477460610
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  • Publish Date: June 2012
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