Pregnancy & Parenting|Helen White
Pregnancy & Parenting : A Complete guide for first time parents on pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care. 2 Books in 1.
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Inside you'll get the following:

Parenting: Everything You Need to Know Before Having a Baby

No child will be happy all the time. It is a fact. Parenting to raise a happy baby from the womb is a great goal, but you cannot forget that emotions and personalities exist. At times, happiness is hard to find. As a wonderful goal, there are certainly things you can do to prepare to become a parent that will help you provide a happier situation for your child. Parenting: Everything you need to know Before Having a Baby is a book of helpful hints, examples, and different ways of looking at the common sense topics that help you prepare for pregnancy and the eventual birth of your child.

Topics included in this book are:

- Marriage
- Relationships
- Finances
- Emotions
- Time
- Pregnancy

An exploration of each topic is conducted with examples and the writer's thoughts as a way to help you look at becoming pregnant and how your life is going to change after a baby comes along. There is no magical answer or statement that can be made to truly help you understand how your life is going to change, but hopefully, you can find some help in assessing whether you are ready for the changes.

As you read this book, you are going to learn about other topics:

- Better ways to communicate
- How mindfulness can reduce your stress for better emotions prior, during, and after pregnancy
- The keys to a stable life
- Ensuring your life is stable prior to pregnancy
- Raising a happy child from womb to crib

You have it in you to love a child, who came from a part of you. Now, you just need to have a life that is ready to provide more than the basic necessities.

Parenting: Advice for New Parents on Newborn Care and Raising Smart Kids

This book aims to provide parents, particularly new parents information, tips as well as advice on parenting specifically targeted for babies till they reach the age of 2 years old. These early years of development are the most crucial for the baby entering a new world filled with new things to learn and discover. What do you do as parents? Where do you begin? What do you feed the child? What advice should you follow? There are plenty of advice out there on how to take care of newborns- this book will aim to provide a holistic and universal guideline in helping parents get the whole parenting thing down to a pat.

This book also includes a crucial but often overlooked aspect of parenting- the role of the father. How the father can help and be more inclusive with child-rearing and how the father helps the pregnant mother. Not only there, there is a topic that focuses solely on how the father helps with bonding with his child. We hope this book will give you easy and simple solutions as well as advice, tips and tricks to help with taking care and nurturing your newborn in the first few years of their lives.

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This item is Non-Returnable


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