The Science of Success|Paula J. Caproni
The Science of Success : What Researchers Know that You Should Know
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In this book you will learn what you need to do to achieve the success in life that you desire and deserve. The author, University of Michigan Business School professor Paula J. Caproni, Ph.D., provides you with a practical framework that will help you get better results at work, be successful in your career, and enjoy a fulfilling life outside of work.

This may seem like a tall order for one book, but it isn't. Hundreds of researchers have spent more than three decades studying what the most successful and happiest people do differently than others. Based on this research, this book will help you find answers to the following questions: (1) Why do some people achieve their life goals while others muddle through and never reach the success they hope for? (2) Why do some people who excel in school (and seem destined for success) stall early in their careers, while some who don't perform as well in school end up enjoying meaningful and productive careers, often exceeding the expectations of others? (3) Why do some people thrive in their jobs while others simply go through the motions? (4) Why do some people bounce back from failure while others become immobilized? (5) Why are some people able to have successful careers as well as a fulfilling life outside of work, while others get consumed by their work? (6) What are the most important lessons that children should learn early in life to help them lead happy, fulfilling, and productive lives?

In short, this book answers these three main questions:

(1) What do the most successful people do differently than other people?

(2) How can those characteristics and behaviors be learned?

(3) How can you apply these lessons to your own life?

The author presents this book in a way that is both engaging and immediately practical. Throughout the book, the author exposes myths about success that hold people back from achieving their goals, and then replaces those myths with research-based strategies for success. Her credibility comes not only from how she expertly describes the research and the real-life examples she provides, but also from her inspiring description of her own journey to success. She navigated her way from being a waitress in her family's luncheonette through community college to a Ph.D. from Yale University and a faculty position with the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

The author has written this book using practical language so that you can read it quickly and apply what you learn to your own life immediately. In addition, this book includes self assessments, end-of-chapter questions to help readers clarify their goals and steps they will take to achieve those goals, and a template for creating a personalized action plan to help you begin applying what you've learned about achieving success to your own life. The author has also included references at the end of the book in case you want to read more about the original research that inspired this book.

Some people will read this book because they are just starting to think about their careers and the kind of lives they want to lead. Others will want to learn how to advance their careers, either to take their careers to the next level or to get back on track after setbacks. Counselors and mentors will read this book because they want to help others achieve their goals. And parents will want to help their children make choices that will lead to happy, healthy, and productive lives. No matter who you are, if you're interested in achieving the success in life that you desire and deserve, or are interested in helping others do so, then this book is designed for you.

This item is Non-Returnable


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