Stock Market For Beginners|Davon Hogdes
Stock Market For Beginners : STOCK MARKET MASTERCLASS: Make Money Consistently From The Stock Market
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Learn How To Master Your First Stock Trade Today!

In this book we are going to be focusing on the essentials of day trading. This means that we are going to be discussing what you need to do to get ready for your very first trade. Please bear in mind that day trading requires some careful study and learning early on. But once you get the hand of the trading system, it will be rather easy for you to navigate the waters of the trading world.

The hardest part of day trading is the research that does into determining the right stocks to pick and which are the best options for you to make money. This is important to note as not all stocks are created equal. The so-called "blue chip" stocks belong to companies that have a great track record. These are companies that have a long-lasting reputation and proven performance. As such, they are expensive and highly sought-after. Consequently, it's important for you to be careful with penny stocks. These are companies whose share price is less than five dollars. These stocks generally belong to companies that have serious financial or administrative issues but are yet to be liquidated. In essence, they are hanging on for dear life.

In This Book You Will Learn:

✓ Opening a New Brokerage Account

✓ Placing Your First Trades

✓ Best Time to Trade

✓ Golden Rules of Money Management

✓ Basic Technical Analysis Tools for Day Traders

✓ Using the moving average to enter and exit a trade

✓ Understanding the Fundamentals of Swing Trading

✓ The Difference Between Swing Trading and Day Trading

✓ Benefits and Drawbacks of Swing Trading

✓ Technical Analysis Tools Used in Swing Trading

✓ The Use of Charts and Graphs

✓ Use of Moving Average (MACD)

✓ The Head and Shoulders Pattern

✓ Triple Tops and Triple Bottoms

✓ Candlestick Analysis

✓ "Timing" entry and exit points

✓ Risk Management in Trading

✓ Protecting Yourself Against Risk

✓ Psychology in Trading

✓ Backtesting Strategies

✓ Characteristics of a Day Trader

✓ Day Trading as a Full-Time Career

✓ The Difference Between Day, Swing, and Position Trading

✓ Benefits of Day Trading

✓ Day Trading Equities

✓ Day Trading Options

✓ Day Trading FOREX

✓ Choosing the Best Stocks for Your Portfolio


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