The Witch's Way|Melissa Samantha Olsen
The Witch's Way : Gaia's Revenge
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Delve into a world of secrets and adventure where nothing is as it seems and everyone has a secret touch of magic. The Witch's Way is not a conventional witch's tale. The story crosses time and space while uncovering the hidden identities of a seemingly normal group of circus performers. Revealing an age old battle between good and evil and discovering the heir to Lucifer's throne. The Story... Arc Angel Michael had become the overseer of the Earth, tasked with protecting it from the dark heart of man he became enraged by the insolence of humans as they ravaged and destroyed the delicate balance of nature. He quickly decided that he would use a celestial occurrence to create a balance. He created a force so powerful that man would be severely punished if they dared to go against it and from this Gaia and Andromeda are born. Hundreds of years later a family of circus, travellers find themselves in the middle of this age old battle between good and evil. The Valois family are quickly thrown on their greatest adventure facing dragons, ligers and blood drinking demons to find out the truth behind their supernatural linage and protect the last white witch from Lucifer and his heir. Francesca... Francesca, the fiery red head with a passion for family and honour, finds herself questioning everything she believes in. After Lucifer, Michael and every other creature that goes bump in the night force the only living Valois female down a path to become a great witch. A series of strange occurrences leads her to uncover her past and discover her destiny. Is she a witch and why has she been blessed with the power of the mighty phoenix? Why is there a woman who looks exactly like her and where did she come from? Why is her father protecting her and who is he protecting her from? Anjelica... Anjelica, a beautiful woman with raven black hair and an evil disposition finds herself fighting for her existence, against a woman she isn't sure she should kill. Her evil ways lead her on a journey that could end the very balance of nature and destroy everything she has worked to build. Amelia... Amelia, a little girl plagued from her conception finds herself cursed by a shape-shifting liger whose only desire is to protect her. She seems to be innocent, but could her conception be the root of all evil? Ella... Ella, who is the strange girl that washes ashore during a wedding and why is she so important to Lucifer, could she be the heir to his throne or the person who will lead to his demise? Gaia... Why is this woman born with no special abilities so significant to Lucifer and Michael? Why is Michael willing to give up his life to protect her and why would Lucifer go to any length to destroy her? Follow the way of the witch to discover their deep secrets.

This item is Non-Returnable


  • ISBN-13: 9781490908380
  • ISBN-10: 1490908382
  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publish Date: October 2015
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  • Page Count: 278