How to Start, Run and Grow a Successful Residential & Commercial Cleaning Busine|Maria Carmen
How to Start, Run and Grow a Successful Residential & Commercial Cleaning Busine
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How to Start, Run and Grow a Successful Residential & Commercial Cleaning Business

Hello, my name is Maria Carmen, and I have something important to tell you. I know you've probably heard these types of success stories before and are a little skeptical, but I'm telling you this is true and can really happen for you. Ten years ago, after my divorce, I needed to find a way to support myself. I was one of those individuals that never went to college or had a trade skill, so there weren't a lot of job choices for me.

What was I to do? I started looking into entry-level jobs that didn't require specialized training or skills. Unfortunately, I wasn't keen on the idea of working at a fast-food restaurant for minimum wage with limited potential for advancement or better pay. Then, I learned about house cleaning from a friend of mine. She used house cleaning as a way to supplement their family income. However, I realized the potential to grow this into something more.

So I started taking on a few residential cleaning jobs, getting my name out there, and increasing my client list. I took the time to do some research and found a way to offer some specialized services that got me paid a little extra. Before I knew it, my client list was growing beyond what I could do by myself. So I started hiring employees.

Then, I realized the importance of branching out and started to take on commercial contracts. Commercial cleaning turned out to be even more beneficial to my income than residential cleaning.

Not only was I able to support myself with this work, but I was able to grow and thrive. Today, I have a company of my own with 22 employees. We take on both residential and commercial cleaning contracts. My income has grown to over $250,000 a year now. I never dreamed a simple job to help pay the bills would grow into this, but it has. It takes a little bit of work, but the benefits are there to be had if you know what to do. I'm here to tell you what you need to do so you can have success, just like I did.

In This Book, I Show You:

  • How To Start on a Budget
  • Should You Go With a Franchise or Independent
  • The Basics of the Residential Cleaning Business
  • The Basics of the Commercial Cleaning Business
  • Skill You Will Need
  • Your Income Potential for Residential Cleaning
  • The Income Potential for Commercial Cleaning
  • Specialized Cleaning Income Potential
  • 12 Guided Steps to Getting Started With Residential Cleaning
  • 10 Guided Steps to Getting Started With Commercial Cleaning
  • Equipment You Will Need
  • Safety First Considerations
  • 11 Steps to Choosing the Right Cleaning Products
  • 5 Types of Cleaners To Use
  • Where to Buy Your Cleaning Supplies
  • How to Form A Legal Entity for Your New Business
  • How to Get Certified
  • How to Set a Rate Structure
  • How to offer Competitive Pricing
  • How to Bid and Win Job Contracts
  • How to Write a Commercial Job Proposal
  • How to Get Your First Client
  • How to Market Your New Business
  • 6 Quickest Ways to Gain New Contracts
  • Top 10 Safety Concerns
  • How to Run and Grow Your Business
  • A Day in the Life Inside a Cleaning Business

Important Forms and Formats Included In This Book:

  • A Sample Cleaning Service Agreement Contract
  • Sample LLC Operating Agreement
  • A Sample Business Plan
  • Sample Employee Warning Letter

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This item is Non-Returnable


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  • Publish Date: November 2016
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